There is a huge amount of fear and uncertainty on a global scale this morning as the New President of America has been announced.   

I was speaking to an American friend earlier who spoke of the "shadow" that was around America at the moment.   I had been thinking about this earlier myself and thinking that sometimes we have to become aware of the shadow in order to shed light there. 

Nutritrional Values of Seaweed

by Margaret Shepherd from Connemara Organic Seaweed Galway. 

* Seaweed has twice as much Vitamin C as oranges.

* Seawater contains almost the same concentration of minerals and elements as human plasma, and it's sodium content matches that of human blood.

* Seaweed helps you to lose weight by inhibiting the action of an enzyme that controls the digestion of fat.  Seaweed fibre also blocks the absorption of fat by the body.

* Seaweed contains major fatty acids, including "Linolenic acid" and "essential amino acids".

* Seaweed is ten times higher in calcium that cow's milk.

* Seaweed controls levels of blood sugar and this in turn decreases your food cravings.

* Eating Seaweed curbs your appetite and makes you feel full.

*Parmesan cheese and tomato sauce, like Seaweed contain the special UMAMI taste.

* For those who follow a vegetarian diet, Seaweed is rich in vitamin B12.

*Kelp is recommended to protect against high blood pressure.

* Kombu is a natural food tenderiser, added when cookingf beans and both speeds up the cooking process and makes the beans more digestable.

*Dilisk is fifty times higher in iron than spinach.

*Dilisk contains all the 56 minerals and trace elements necessary for human health.