Everything You Need to Know About Adaptogens - Natures Natural Stress & Cortisol Reducer, Energy Booster and Hormone Optimizer

Adaptogens are natural, non-toxic healers.  

In fact, it’s quite possible you’ve been consuming adaptogens your entire life without knowing it, unwittingly reaping adaptogenic benefits.

We’ll stop here for a minute, because we know what you’re thinking. Adaptogens aren’t the newest, hottest wellness trend that’s come to stake its claim over beet juice smoothies, rose water, and quinoa.

Adaptogens are more than a trend. They’ve been a part of medicine for centuries.

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Comfort for the Soul/Sole .. Comfortable, Stylish Shoes for the Busy Woman

When I got the chance to try out two pairs of shoes from the Hotter range I was excited to say the least.  Hotter Shoes are made with the finest quality of ingredients and each pair has a meticulous attention to detail.   They are also lightweight making them a perfect choice for going and coming in a rush! 

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Surf Your Way Into Shape This Summer

Ladies and gentlemen, do you want to have tons of fun this summer? Do you also want to trim your body while at it? It’s possible! Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz are living proofs that surfing is not only super exciting but it also serves as an efficient cardio workout! But, before you start looking for surfboards and beaches, you need to know a few things. Let’s begin!

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How We Built a Global Tech Company By Only Spending $60 Our First Year By

As a start-up, keeping an eye on your spending is vital. On the one hand you need to spend money to make money, but how do you know that you’re spending in the right areas. When you take everything into account it’s easy to haemorrhage money. As we bootstrapped GirlCrew.com to start, we had to be creative with our spend. To that end, we spent only $60 in our first year and with some creative thinking managed to build a social network that spanned across 4 continents.

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Common Workplace Illnesses & How to Minimise Their Risk

The risk of contracting illnesses and injuries in the workplace can be heightened by the nature of work that you’re performing – for example, people involved in manual labour could be prone to back problems and muscular injuries from the physical exertion that the job entails. Therefore, all reasonably foreseeable risks should be minimised by workplace management, while staff must act responsibly and not endanger the health and safety of colleagues at work. So long as the necessary safety precautions are taken, the instances of work-related illnesses and injuries should diminish notably, as will absenteeism.

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How a Tinder Hack Led to Thousands of Women Becoming Friends Around the World

Ah, Tinder. We’ve all heard of it. Some love it. Some hate it. And some love to hate it. Many
see it as the beginning of the end of traditional romance, and a precursor to a dating-on-
demand culture. Others see an opportunity to turns the status quo on its head. One of those
who saw such a chance, was Elva Carri.

Bored at home one Friday night, Elva had an urge to leave the couch and go out dancing.

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Easy Tips To Enhance Home Air Quality For Better Health

In actuality, the air quality inside your home is seen to be much more polluted than the air that is outside your house. Pollutants and allergens are found to be three to five times more in comparison to the ones outside your house.

It is important for you to note that this pollution largely causes different health issues or concerns. Your family and loved ones may not be as safe as what you think especially during the winter season. This season is the time when all the windows and doors are shut down.

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How can European countries improve vaccination in the wake of the measles outbreak?

With the dramatic increase in measles in Europe – a four-fold increase from 2016 to 2017, according to a recent report by the World Health Organization – and the urgent need for vaccines protecting against infections for which no vaccines currently exist, the European Commission has drafted a roadmap for ‘Strengthened cooperation against vaccine preventable diseases’ and aims to adopt a proposal by mid-2018 for a Council Recommendation on Strengthened Cooperation against Vaccine Preventable Diseases. In a new commentary on the roadmap, The European Academies’ Science Advisory Council (EASAC), and The Federation of European Academies of Medicine (FEAM) both believe that vaccination is an issue that must be addressed urgently and hence offer recommendations for improving the roadmap. The EASAC / FEAM commentary addresses vaccine coverage; vaccine hesitancy; vaccine availability; and new vaccine development.

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Improving Your Health Through Singing

In Ireland we have a lost tradition of singing for each other in our homes with family and friends.  The decline began during the 1930’s, when radios became more popular, closely followed by Television in the 1950’s and 60’s.  Nowadays, we can sit for hours watching a movie or listen to the radio in the car and though we may have gained a lot from all the advances in modern technology such as these, we may need to count what we have lost too.  

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How to Prevent Hypothermia in Older People

The risk of hypothermia is at its highest at this time of year and that risk is even greater for elderly people, as their lower metabolic rate makes it harder for their bodies to retain an ideal temperature. Also, they might not detect extreme cold as readily as others and could have chronic medical conditions which would exacerbate the onset of hypothermia. If you see signs of hypothermia in an elderly relative, keep them warm as best as you can and, if the situation seems serious, call the emergency services immediately.

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Benefits of Exercising during Pregnancy

Exercise is, in general, one of the best things you can do for your body. This remains true even in pregnancy, and ladies who are worried that it might negatively impact the baby should put their minds at ease – it can actually help your child. If there are no complications and your pregnancy so far has been comfortable, working out could help you feel better as long as health is your aim, rather than some extreme weight loss. Now is not the time for harsh diets and exhausting workouts, so approach this with the right mindset. Having said that, let’s talk a bit about what exercising during pregnancy can do for you.

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Planting Seeds at #GalwayFoodFestival

The theme for this year's Galway Food Festival is planting seeds; it's about planting seeds of education and awareness; seeds of economic growth and development and getting back to our roots.  It's about the origin of our food. 

2018 is a great year for all things food related with Galway having been awarded the prestigous European Region of Gastronomy  Award.  This award presents Galway with a European platform to not only showcase Galway and the wonderful food produce, but also provides an opportunity to welcome European food tourists to our region to sample our foods.

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A Practical Implementation GDPR Guide for Self-Employed Health & Wellness Practitioners and Coaches

This article is aimed at professionals working in health & wellness fields, such as fitness, acupuncture, massage and coaching, who are self-employed. As you collect sensitive personal data, it is important to protect yourself and your clients, and this article will guide you on how to prepare yourself.

We look at the steps involved in the implementation and the areas you need to consider, such as reviewing the information required on your intake assessment form, storing client notes, securing email and laptops, and we provide a sample data protection policy that you can use.

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Using Spoon Theory to Explain Chronic Illness

For people living with a chronic illness like arthritis or fibromyalgia, every day is a struggle. Daily tasks like showering, getting dressed or preparing meals that come so easily to most people are genuinely strenuous for ‘spoonies’, the informal name given to chronic illness sufferers.

This moniker owes to a stroke of genius from lupus patient Christine Miserandino and a visit to a café 15 years ago.

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Irish Innovation Fashion Awards Review

I had the pleasure of being invited to the 9th annual Irish Innovation Fashion Awards 2018 in the Galmont Hotel & Spa, Galway.   The awards are the only platform of its kind in Ireland, for young designers to showcase their work and get the recognition they truly deserve.    It also gives the designers visibility to a panel of fashion design experts.   

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Launch of Freshly Chopped Ireland at Eyre Square Shopping Centre

The launch of Freshly Chopped Ireland at Galway Shopping Centre was a dazzling display of all things health and wellness.  In an age where people are demanding more nutritious fast food Chopped Ireland have certainly come up trumps to provide customers with just that - healthy fast food on the go.

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