Skateboarding - Great HIIT Workout

Looking for some new ways to work out and stay in shape without going to the gym? Then you’re at the right place.

There are certainly numerous ways for getting shredded, but HIIT workouts do the job perfectly. Most people don’t even know what HIIT is, so let’s answer that question first.

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, and it has

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8 Tips for Avoiding Summer Allergies

Summer allergies can be a real bummer, especially when it’s beautiful outside and everyone else is enjoying themselves. You might think “Finally, the spring is over and so are my allergies” but the truth is that your allergies can keep going long after May’s flowers are gone. If you don’t want to spend yet another summer sneezing, here are some tips you can try to avoid summer allergies.

Stay dust free

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Top 3 Fitness Trackers

Popularity for fitness trackers has grown over the years and it seems just about everyone is sporting one on their wrist, constantly counting their steps and calories burned. With the hundreds of gadgets on the market, today promising the do the best job at monitoring your activity levels, trying to find the tracker for your needs can take a lot of research.

The team at closely studied 87 different trackers to determine the best devices for your money.

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Is Dairy Bad for our Health? The Great Milk Debate

Are you a dairy free, skinny latte or a downright full fat kinda person?

The whole diary versus no dairy topic is of huge interest to many many people and, like most food related issues, there is a lot of conflicting information out there.

I have my own stories around “milk” and how it has impacted my own and my children’s health.  So, I decided to chat with some nutritional experts as well as people like myself, who have “personal milk stories” to check out a few facts.   

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