The Health Effects of Noise Pollution

Living in an urban environment requires us to get used to the sounds in our surroundings. After a certain period, we even stop noticing the sound of the traffic outside our windows or the music from a nightclub in our neighbourhood. However, when those sounds become overwhelming and start disrupting your sleep or everyday habits, they are no longer just background noise, but a much more serious issue – noise pollution.  

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Surviving Christmas while Planning a Wedding - Top Tips to Deal with Stress

When they work with me they know their wedding day inside out! Who does what and when and WHY things are done in a particular way! They create a unique experience for their wedding day. They get a day that guests remember for all the right reasons— for being moving and meaningful and fun!

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Christmas Special BLOG - All You Need for Christmas!

Welcome to our special Christmas blog, featuring many wonderful gift ideas to cater for all the family.

Including social media training for the busy Entrepreneur in your life, NOSO teenage journal for your teenager, fairy tales and audios for the young ones, aprons, umbrellas, green tea sets and lots of gift vouchers for treatments and other healing therapies!

Bringing you your Christmas Shopping ideas in one place!! #Irishhealthhour #giftguides

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Jacqui’s Christmas Tips and Gentle Reminders

Ok everyone, there’s only 45 days left to Christmas Day, are you beginning to feel the pressure rising, I know that feeling, thinking how will I get it all done. 

Stop right now, take a big deep breath and “BREATHE” it’s going to be ok.  Please allow me to be your gentle reminder! 

Let’s think about Christmas and what it really means to you? What memories of past Christmas’s stand out for you the most?  

When it’s all over it is the little things, the moments you remember.  Keep that in mind as you go into the Christmas rush and don’t allow yourself to get dragged along with the crowd. 

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Workplace Stress: A 21st Century Health Epidemic

This infographic looks at the costs of workplace stress on both employees and employers and analyses the costs of this stress epidemic on employees, employers and the economy at large.

It also offers some practical tips on recognising symptoms and self-treatment. There is also some advice for employers and human resource managers on how to facilitate a more healthy and balanced work environment for their workers.

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What is Matcha?

Matcha means “powdered tea” in Japanese, it is a premium green tea from Japan and is the ultimate “superdrink”. When prepared traditionally, it could be seen as a healthy green tea but it is more than just that, it is also a very versatile health supplement.

For preparation the leaves are ground into a powder and then whisked with hot water which is different from regular tea where the leaves are infused with water and then separated. The reason for this is because to get the full benefits of matcha the powder itself has to be consumed also, hence the reason for grinding. It can then be consumed either as a liquid - cold or hot - or as a dry powder supplement to add to the normal foods you eat every day.

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12 Tools for Recovery from a Violent Relationship

One in Five

According to Women’s Aid statistics, one in five women in Ireland are experiencing or have experienced domestic violence.  

One in five is a frightening statistic, that means that at least one person you know is experiencing domestic violence right now.  In this very moment…..

Why don’t they leave, you say?  True, most will try to fix it for a time.  Many will blame themselves, believing if they only could be nicer, hotter, slimmer, more fun or just different, in other words, anyone other than what they are or have become, their partner will be once again behave like the guy they fell in love with.

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How Yoga Taught Me to Stop Sweating the Small Stuff

Those who have never practiced yoga before have an image of yogis as mellow, extra-flexible hippies. While you don’t need to be flexible to practice yoga, most people benefit from a more “mellow” state of mind after practicing yoga

In my opinion, this is the best benefit of practicing yoga - the positive effect on your mind. Everyone can learn to cultivate a more peaceful mind and stop sweating the small stuff.

What Classifies as Doing Yoga?

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Hidden Health Hazards in Your Home That You Should Know About

While relaxing in a bathtub surrounded by a romantic arrangement of scented candles sounds just the thing you need after a hard and stressful day, it seems that the benefits of aromatic candles don’t always outweigh the risks. Burned indoors, scented candles can have negative effect on our health, says this report from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), while incense smoke releases benzene and other toxic substances. The only solution to candle-lovers is to switch to all-natural vegetable wax candles which have no toxic side effects.  

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6 Tips For Stress-Free Flying With Kids

The prospect of travelling abroad with your family is an exciting one unlike any other. What’s

not so exciting, however, is the dreaded flight. Flying can be monumentally stressful, even at

the best of times, but especially so when travelling with kids. You have a number of fears

and worries to contend with, it can be all too easy to land more exhausted than ready for fun.

Though hopefully, with these tips, the next trip with your kids will feel a little less turbulent.

1. Take advantage of early boarding

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The Importance of Retaining Skin Moisture

With our skin being our largest organ and our body being comprised of about 60% water, the importance of staying hydrated should be obvious. Plain, simple water is the essence of life, and one of the easiest ways to have a good complexion is to simply keep your skin well-moisturized and radiant. But in our chaotic, stressful world, it’s a little difficult to maintain its suppleness. Environmental pollution, anxiety, and even our own reluctance to spend much time on self-care, all leads to wrinkles and dryness, and most people need a bit of help to get their complexion back in order. If you’re in need of advice, we’ve got a list of suggestions that will bring back your glow and keep your skin moisturized.

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The Therapeutic Value of Art

The art world is one that is enjoyed by millions, whether it’s their favourite painting or chosen piece of music. However, the art world is one with several layers, and it’s not only art fanatics that can benefit from the art world.

When looking at psychology for the first time, it would be easy to assume that only clinical methods such as psychotherapy are used, when in fact the art world has a huge part to play.

The great thing about art is how much choice there is, meaning that finding a method that works shouldn’t be too difficult.

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5 Things that Make You Beautiful from the Inside Out

Even though it’s said that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, a lot of people these days struggle with their self-image, thinking that they aren’t worthy enough simply because they don’t fit in the current standards of beauty.

Since those standards aren’t realistic anyway, it’s time to find your own beauty and be authentic. Here are five things that can make you beautiful from the inside out, so check them out and enjoy!

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How to Engage Millennials in Workplace Wellness Programmes

What are workplace wellness programmes?

Workplace wellness programmes typically address key elements of employee health and wellbeing, such as nutrition, fitness and mental health. Organisations promote healthier employee behaviour by (a) changing workspaces and (b) engaging employees in health promotion activities.

Developed in the 1970s by US-based corporations such as Johnson & Johnson, the concept of employee wellness has taken the corporate world by storm. While many Irish companies were initially slow to introduce health promotion programmes, we are now seeing more organisations than ever taking an interest in the health and wellbeing of their staff.

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Using and Enhancing your Natural Intuition in Every Day Life with Working with the Runes - Spotlight on Laguz

We all have the capacity to use our innate power of intuition, or the ability to know some piece of information very rapidly, and seemingly without using logic or reason to get there. I’m sure many have heard of the Mother’s Intuition that is particular to the bond between mother and child. What if you want to improve your ability to use your own intuition and what kind of knowledge can you expect? Will you get the winner lottery numbers? Well, no. However, using the Norse runes, particularly the rune laguz, ᛚ, which means water, in a conscious way which I will describe, you can activate your inner knowing and learn to develop a relationship with it that eventually will feel effortless. Your intuition can provide insight and guidance with regard to your soul life as an aid to navigation that you can trust.

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Biohacking the ageing code

Quality of life – we all want it but it’s affected as we age.  With medical advances and improvements in the environment, we’re all living longer yet it’s also becoming clear that quality of life trumps quantity of life for many of us.  Age brings physical changes and typically we all start to notice these from our thirties onwards when we don’t bounce back from a night out/a stressful week/ an intense gym session as quickly or as easily as we used to back in the day.

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Why Is My Hair Falling out - Triggers of Female Hair Loss

Although it may sound like a big number, we normally lose anywhere between fifty to a hundred strands every day. This is considered normal, and the hair that you do shed every day will most typically be of the same length as the rest of your hair. However, if you find yourself losing significantly more than this, and you notice that few if any of them grow back, you need to look for the underlying issue and treat the cause, not just the consequence.

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Smarter Packing Tips for Your Next Holiday

When going on holidays, the temptation might be to pack for all eventualities and bring everything you think you may need. You could then be left with a heavy, bulky bag with numerous items that you won’t use and no room left over for souvenirs. Also, even when you touch down at the destination airport, you’ll still need to haul your luggage around some bit, especially if your initial transport plans go awry.

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How to Get Rid of Nits for Good! – A Pharmacist’s Top Tips

Going back to school can fill many parents with dread because of the usual risk of their child getting head lice for the umpteenth time. And if you have several children it’s even more work to try and get rid of them. However there are some really effective ways to treat this common problem – pharmacist and parent, Daniel Brash gives his tried and tested top tips.

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