Smarter Packing Tips for Your Next Holiday

When going on holidays, the temptation might be to pack for all eventualities and bring everything you think you may need. You could then be left with a heavy, bulky bag with numerous items that you won’t use and no room left over for souvenirs. Also, even when you touch down at the destination airport, you’ll still need to haul your luggage around some bit, especially if your initial transport plans go awry.

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How to Get Rid of Nits for Good! – A Pharmacist’s Top Tips

Going back to school can fill many parents with dread because of the usual risk of their child getting head lice for the umpteenth time. And if you have several children it’s even more work to try and get rid of them. However there are some really effective ways to treat this common problem – pharmacist and parent, Daniel Brash gives his tried and tested top tips.

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The Diversity in Beauty Standards around the World

Yes, getting caught up in the latest beauty trends can be really fun and entertaining, but you know what? Trying to keep up with every single trend can be extremely challenging and nerve-racking as well, so don’t be one of those ladies who want to do that no matter what. Instead, check out our guide on the diversity in beauty standards around the world and learn about them today. Enjoy!

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5 Ways to Maintain Wellness in Autumn

When autumn arrives, days get shorter, temperatures lower and there’s more rain and less sun, which can influence our mood and make us less inclined to work out or be active in any other way. However, the fact that the weather is changing doesn’t mean that we should just forget about our wellness and become too passive or careless when our health is concerned. Here are five ways to stay healthy and fit during autumn.

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5 Ways To Take The Stress Out Of Travelling

Regardless of your reason for travel, whether it be for business purposes or for leisure, it certainly doesn’t come without its fair share of stresses. Even the most frequent travellers aren’t totally immune to the stresses that travelling can bring. To lend you a helping hand, we’re detailing some of the best ways to take the stress out of travelling, in the hopes of making your next travel experience a little less turbulent.

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Dental Erosion Explained

Dental erosion is when dental hard tissue is lost from factors other than bacteria. Such erosion usually stems from the presence of acids, as well as from pressure, corrosion, and friction. Factors leading to corrosion may be intrinsic, such as acid reflux, or extrinsic, such as from diet. Saliva acts to naturally neutralize acids that may cause erosion. A recent European study found that roughly 34% of children showed signs of erosion and approximately 28% of those between 18 and 30 years of age.  These findings show the importance of increasing awareness regarding erosion-related dental problems early in life to protect tooth enamel that is unreplaceable.

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My WHY I help couples with Fertility the Natural Way

I struggled repeatedly to build my family after the birth of my daughter 21 years ago. 

I had no tools at my disposal to manage my emotions, heal my body or even settle my mind after the loss of my "angel babies". Even that expression didn't exist or if it did I was not aware of it .. it may have actually given me some comfort at the time to think of my lost babies as angels in heaven and could have diverted some of the grief. 

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Four Ways to Help Aging Joints

It’s an inevitability of age; the older we get, the more susceptible we are to ailments. Step forward arthritis: easily one of the most common complaints of the more mature among us.
Causing inflammation and pain in the joints of the body, osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative disease stemming directly from general wear and tear. And affecting 350 million people worldwide, it is not one that should be taken lightly.

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Young Parkinson's Ireland highlighted by new Irish film produced by The New Music

Young Parkinson's Ireland, which is part of Parkinson's Association of Ireland is a relatively new organisation set up in 2017 with the goal of being a source of friendship, partnership and information for young people with Parkinson's Disease.

Young Parkinson's Disease is a rare condition which effects those under fifty five years of age. It is thought that there may be as many as five hundred undiagnosed sufferers in Ireland .

Young Parkinson's Ireland have teamed up with The New Music, a new Irish film about a classical pianist with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease. The film aims to dispel any stigma that may be associated with the disease as the general perception can sometimes be that Parkinson's is just an “old person's” disease.

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Freya: Archetype for personal empowerment, self-mastery & leadership

The Norse goddess Freya, (Lady) is known for her beauty, sensuality and magical abilities to shapeshift and divine the future. She was a collector of magical items such as the Brisingamen necklace and a cloak of falcon feathers that enabled the wearer to change into a falcon. Freya also had a chariot that was pulled by two great mountain cats. There were different tribes of gods and she was a Vanir, who had their origins in the earth and mountains. Half of the souls of the warriors killed in battle were chosen for her “Field of Folk,” in the upper world of Asgard, home of the gods. As such, she is a chief of the Valkyrie (Choosers of the Slain) and a goddess of death.

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Can remote working affect your employee’s mental health?

Managing employees’ mental health is an important issue for employers as recent figures show UK businesses lose £100m every year due to work-related stress, depression and anxiety. There is a risk that these issues could develop more frequently amongst staff who are tasked with working remotely, as these individuals may typically find themselves separated from the same communication channels and support mechanisms that are afforded to on-site staff.

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How A Clean Office Can Boost Productivity

From employees missing work through illness to becoming distracted by office clutter, a filthy
working environment can have a destabilising effect on productivity. Also, people will naturally be motivated to work harder when they have the pleasure of coming into an office that’s immaculately clean and tidy.

Therefore, it is a good idea for companies to set aside a small portion of time each week to perform simple, routine cleaning tasks that will keep the office in fine nick and prevent the
accumulation of clutter and toxins. This infographic looks at how a tidy working environment can lend itself to notable increases in productivity.

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Mindfulness Against Alzheimer’s

One of the worst things about Alzheimer’s lies in the fact that a person can spend decades suffering from it. It’s one of those diseases that irreversibly diminish one’s lifestyle quality, without cure, solution or even prospects of things ever getting better. According to recent statistics, Alzheimer’s dementia affects about 10 percent of people older than 65, although to a different degree.

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The Most Common Fitness Mistakes

You’re doing everything you can to make your body look heavenly, but it’s just not working. Why is that when you’ve been pushing yourself to the maximum, you were constantly paying attention to what you eat and you’ve researched which exercises you should be doing? It’s probably because you’re doing something wrong. And don’t be embarrassed – there are many people out there who simply don’t know about the fitness mistakes they’ve been making. This is where we step in to open your eyes and help you define those muscles as soon as possible.

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Alcohol is among the most misunderstood substances. Here are 9 myths we seek to bust.

Alcohol is among the most misunderstood substances. Some people know it is extremely bad for your health, while others advocate moderate consumption of the substance.

Regardless of your goal - preventing hangovers, releasing all caution to the wind because of a wild night, or reducing the amounts of calories you take in, drinkers tend to follow certain rules that they have set for themselves whenever they go out to drink with their friends, mainly so that they do not have to endure certain unpleasant results from that night.

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5 Tips to Speed Recovery after Exercise

Do you know that feeling when you do a heck of a good workout and you go back home thinking everything's perfect, but you know that the next day is going to be hell? Yes, it is inevitable, your muscles will ache. And then that day comes where no matter which way you move, you hurt. You feel pain and you are annoyed. Muscle soreness is normal and there is no way to eliminate it completely. And it is good, you've been working on your glutes and now they hurt? Hooray! Good job. When your muscles hurt, you know that you've done a good workout. However, wouldn't you like to speed up the recovery process a bit after the exercise? If so, take a look at these five great tips for speedy muscle recovery!

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How to Survive When Schools Out for Summer!

Survive is truly the word to describe summer holidays for many parents with children.  How will you keep your children occupied for those 8 – 12 weeks of Summer break?   And will your sanity survive trying?

People are always telling me how lucky I am to work from home and to be able to work around the children.  And, whilst I wouldn’t have it any other way, there are times when trying to work from home can be challenging.  Summer holidays is one of those times.

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10 Perfect Exercises for Men in their 50s

Just because you have turned 50 doesn’t mean you get a free pass As we get older exercising and a healthy lifestyle become even more important. Of course, no one expect us to do the same exercise we’ve done in our twenties, but there still some great options that are bound to keep your body in great shape even after you have passed the half of century mark. So let's find out what are the best options for gray foxes who want to age well.

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