Launch of Freshly Chopped Ireland at Eyre Square Shopping Centre

The launch of Freshly Chopped Ireland at Galway Shopping Centre was a dazzling display of all things health and wellness.  In an age where people are demanding more nutritious fast food Chopped Ireland have certainly come up trumps to provide customers with just that - healthy fast food on the go.

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Tempus - Improving Cancer Patient Outcome with Advanced Technology for our Healthcare Systems

Tempus is a technology company that is building the world's largest library of molecular
and clinical data and an operating system to make that data accessible and useful. Its goal is to “propel the next breakthrough in healthcare”.

The reason?  To improve cancer patient outcomes. 

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Elevate Your Workout With Ginseng & Other Adaptogens

If you want a supplement that can increase your endurance and give you more energy for exercising, you should try adaptogens. What are adaptogens, you ask? They are herbs that assist your body in dealing with stress. When you are exercising, your body reacts as if it is under extreme stress: your blood pressure raises, your breath is constricted, and your adrenaline levels are raised. To protect your body and support faster reaction times, you can take adaptogens.

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The Importance of Magnesium for Muscle Recovery

Magnesium should be a part of every athlete’s recovery process. It’s an essential mineral that promotes good muscle volume and flexibility, but sadly it seems that it’s the most depleted electrolyte in people who exercise often. It also has some anti-inflammatory properties, so it can help prevent joint aches and even arthritis, and it makes it possible to exercise for longer and avoid muscle soreness. To find out more what magnesium can do for you and how you can make sure you are getting enough of it on a daily basis, read on for some tips and tricks.

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How to Turn House Cleaning Into a Workout!

We so often come home from work tried that cleaning is the last thing we want to do. This
infographic from the team at HappyCleans looks at cleaning from the point of view of getting fit. The calories burned doing these menial tasks may surprise you and it can really help you to get fit. 

Before you begin, get your favourite album on and put on some loose-fitting clothes as cleaning at this speed can make you sweat quite a lot!

One hour of just one household task burns some serious calories. For example, hoovering rids you of 153 calories an hour so if you spent an evening hoovering the whole house you’ve done a serious workout.

Dusting is another necessary evil and can burn up to 174 calories in an hour. You can make dusting extra intensive by adding light weights to your wrists. This will help to strengthen your arms significantly. Dusting is also a vital part of any cleaning routine an it can especially be a nightmare for people with allergies. Find out more in the infographic now!

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HSE - Help Me Please?

I’m not a proper grown-up- I don’t have things like a mortgage, maturity or health insurance.

I will trill out the party-line; “I am blessed to live in a country that has free healthcare.” Sure, aren’t there women in America giving birth on the doorsteps of hospitals for the want of health insurance? Feel free to continue adding to this sentiment for as long as you please.

I may not be a proper grown-up that has health insurance, but I am a proper grown-up that’s worked and paid taxes from the age of sixteen. Apparently, those taxes pay for things like state pensions, government chauffeurs and our public health care system. The Irish Health Service Executive has been met with less than stellar reviews during any time of my living memory, but in recent years it seems to have taken a massive hit. We have all heard about the colossal waiting times in A&E, that’s nothing new, but when patient care is suffering due to lack of attendance from staff, something is sorely wrong. True, staff are overworked and underpaid and are still only human after all, but is that really good enough when those under their care are largely at their mercy and not receiving even adequate treatment?

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7 Reasons to Get on a Bike

We usually associate riding a bike with our childhood when we used to enjoy the thrill of a fast ride around our neighbourhood. However, why should this enjoyment stop once we grow up? Instead of completely switching our bikes for cars, we should keep them in use as well. Not only will we decrease the amount of air pollution by riding a bike, but we’ll get many other benefits as well. Let’s take a look at the top 7 reasons why we should get a bike immediately.

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5 Health Benefits of Yoga for Women

Author bio: Hii! I’m Nancy Wile, a yoga teacher and the founder of Yoga Education Institute. I do my best to help all my students find a sense of ease and mindfulness in each posture that they can then incorporate into other aspects of their lives.  I want you to come as you are and have some fun, and know that everything you need is right there inside of you. 

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Event Overview; Universal Health Coverage High Level Forum Japan 12th - 15th December 2017

The UHC High-Level Forum takes place in Japan from the 12th to the 15th of December next.   WHO defines Universal Health Coverage as “..ensuring that all people have access to needed promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health services, of sufficient quality to be effective, while also ensuring that people do not suffer financial hardship when paying for these services”. (UHC).    

UHC2030 is the global movement and global commitment to bring stronger health systems for Universal Health Coverage by 2030.     

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Cruise Cure – Dreams do come true!

Do you believe thoughts become things? There is so much about it in on social media now "thoughts become things", "be careful what you wish for", "manifest what you want", "dream it believe it". I believe dreams do come true.

I manifested in my mind the cruise cure, I wanted to go on a cruise to experience so much I have dreamed of and this is what I got. I created this holiday in my mind when I was in the throes of cancer treatment.

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Positive Living Network Galway 1st Birthday Party

We are told that we are the sum of the 5 people we surround ourselves with.   

The reason why Jenny Grainger started the Positive Living Network is a story a lot of us will resonate with.   

Oftentimes when we start following our passion and leave the more mainstream "what people consider normal" type of life our friends and family may not understand us.  It may be that we start to question our life and seek answers to things we never looked at before.   It is at these times we seek to find our tribe and surround ourselves with others that just "get us"!!

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Tools to Help our Emotional Wellbeing

I have been working as an Energy, EFT & Emotional Intelligence Therapist for many years now.   I see a pattern for people, including myself, how our core emotional wounds get triggered by similar types of situations.  For example, we may have issues with our personal power.  We will find though that, the story doesn't have to be the same story that comes up each time, it is really ANY time our power is challenged or at least we perceive it as being challenged. 

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5 Foods that adversely affect a child's academic performance

Increased obesity rates and the growing awareness that students need proper nutrition to develop a healthy body and brain are compelling parents to become more informed. Educating students and parents on the great importance of adhering to a healthier meal plan is fundamental to their academic performance. Needless to say, there are lots of foods that have a negative impact on a student’s brain.

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