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Guest Blog Post by Ronah from Amara Yoga and Wellbeing

Today I was thinking that sometimes students looking to take up Yoga are overwhelmed with all the different types of Yoga types that are out there. So, I thought it best to explain briefly the main types of Yoga offered today. This is not an exclusive list and my advice would be to try a few different types and chose which one is suited to your needs.   Be mindful how you feel after class as you want to enjoy the journey, whichever type of Yoga you decide to choose ;)

Restorative- Generally a gentle form of Yoga where postures are held for up to 10 minutes each and the focus is on relaxation rather than stretching. Props like cushions, bolsters and blankets are used to aid in relaxation.

Popular Restorative Postures are 'Legs against the wall', 'supported child's pose', 'supported cobbler' , 'supported tree pose' and 'supported forward bend pose'.

Hatha - Hatha Yoga is often described as the original Yoga and encompasses Meditation, posture Work & Relaxation. Seated postures, standing postures, supine postures and the sun salutation routine would generally be part of a Hatha Yoga class. A slower type of Yoga yet all round workout of the body is experienced during a Hatha Class.

Vinyasa Yoga is a form of Yoga where movement is the key, students are in continuous movement incorporating movement and breath and some describe it as a dance/flow/cardio Yoga.   Lots of variations of Vinyasa Yoga exist.

Yin Yoga - A deep type of Yoga where postures are held for long periods of time, many of the postures are held in seated or lying down positions. Yin enhances the natural range of motion in the joints on a physical level.. On an energetic level it enhances the flow of life force(prana). It supports the organs, immune system and emotional wellbeing.

Ashtanga Yoga- This method of yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures—a process producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind.

Bikram Yoga - Bikram Yoga is a type of Yoga which is held at 30-40 degrees celsius and is a rigorous workout following a set of 26 postures . Not advised for those with certain injuries or those starting Yoga and mostly preferred by younger students and athletes.

Aroma Yoga


A newer type of Yoga incorporating Hatha Yoga with essential oils. Following the traditional Hatha class sequence, the teacher incorporates balancing, invigorating & relaxing oils into the routine, deepening the connection of body & mind.

Please remember that sometimes our body craves a gentle type of Yoga, other times it might require more of a vigorous workout. Go with what your body is telling you and always go at your own pace. It is perfectly ok to rest in childs pose if you need to do so, regardless what type of class you are attending. The last thing we want is to get injured and that's likely to happen if we dont listen to our body:)

P.S.All types of Yoga are beneficial, we just need to be aware of our limitations and expectations while listening to our body & mind...


Ronah Corcoran

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