4 Ways To Illuminate Our Own World Today

There is a huge amount of fear and uncertainty on a global scale this morning as the New President of America has been announced.   

I was speaking to an American friend earlier who spoke of the "shadow" that was around America at the moment.   I had been thinking about this earlier myself and thinking that sometimes we have to become aware of the shadow in order to shed light there.   Yes of course we may know that there are shadows lingering around us, but until we actually illuminate them we cannot become aware of what they actually are and what they mean for us. 

Fear can indicate to us that our boundaries have been rattled, we feel something may be taken from us.   

Here I offer 4 ways to illuminate our own world today, no matter what is going on in the world around us.

1.  We can shine our own light even stronger.    We are all part of the collective, none of us are separate, although we may like to think we are.   What affects one affects us all.   When we focus on our own internal light and decide to stand for our own truth we shine our light stronger. 

2.  Avoid "negative" conversations.   Although I am not a fan of the word negative, in this case I am suggesting avoiding conversations with people we know have different views to us and where we know we are going to become agitated.  

We may find that hard to do but we can choose to not add to the collective negative noise and focus on something positive.  Close the curtains, have a movie day with the kids, raise our own vibration and refuse to get sucked into something that cannot be changed.   

3. Be grateful.  Concentrate on what wonderful things we have in our life right now, our partner, our children, our job and be grateful.   Feel the difference in the energy when we are grateful. We can bring this feeling into everything we do for the rest of the day.     Watch the ripple affect as everyone we come into connection with feels our high vibration! 

4.  We can protect ourselves with a personal boundary.  We can place ourselves in a bubble of protection each day in order to not take on the energy of the harsh realities and negativity that can be around us.   It does not mean that we don't function in the world it just means that we protect ourselves energetically.    

We have a right to protect our own personal boundary and we have a right to choose who invades it.   Making our boundaries as strong as we want is an act of self love and remember, we decide what and who we let in.

We always want to let in the light but sometimes, we need to keep the dark at bay. 

Until next time .......... keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Founder of IrishHealthHour, Founder Global Emotional Health Summit, Soul Care Practitioner, Energy Therapist and Author