"Eat clean. Feel great". Bliss Bites Bakery

"Our mission is to reinvent the way you eat desserts, and turn it from a guilty pleasure into a healthy treat". 

I had the pleasure of trying some of these delicious treats at the Vegan Xmas Food Stall in Galway recently.    I love my guilty pleasure after my dinner each day and, I don't want to eat a substitute that doesn't give me the same satisfaction!   I am always on a mission to eat cleaner while at the same time eating tasty food!  

When I got the opportunity to try out these delicious treats I jumped at the chance.  

Suffice to say Bliss Bites Bakery .... your mission has succeeded!!!     

Blog by the Owner Andrina .....

Bliss Bites Bakery specializes in deliciously innovative desserts designed to nourish the body. We create raw and baked cakes that reinvent the way you think about dessert, turning it from a guilty pleasure into a healthy treat.

At bliss bites we cater to all cake lovers regardless of your dietary requirements and strive to create community through this connection with food. All our cakes are free from dairy, egg and refined sugar.

Think of it as desserts with benefits! Providing you with all the taste but without the guilt! We supply all over Galway City in various cafe’s and supermarkets as well as take custom orders.

If you have any specific dietary requirement or have a favorite ingredient – tell us and we’ll create magic for your taste buds. The possibilities are endless.

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For more information and/or to place an order, please contact us by phone or email.


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