Why I teach Yoga to those in need?

Some  might be questioning why I would want to teach Yoga to individuals that are struggling with addictions, mental health problems or physical issues. It is surely more difficult to plan classes, deal with issues such as  poor mental health and  low self esteem.

Yes, is the answer. It is more difficult.

However, that does not mean it is less rewarding..on the contrary. For every person who starts Yoga where they otherwise would not have..my heart expands wanting me to bring it to more groups  in Irish society that are excluded from learning Yoga.

Why I teach Yoga to those in need? To say thank you for all I have in life..

I believe everything that has happened to me in my life happened  for a reason including  my difficult childhood, overcoming an abusive relationship and surviving serious health issues to finding  work in social care.

I came out the other end and I believe Yoga 'came to me ' at 42 years of age because i needed a new focus in life..which i found: to use  Yoga to help others less fortunate..It makes me happy, fills me with gratitude and is my life's purpose.

Why I teach Yoga to those in need? Because everyone deserves to experience Yoga ...

I am a realist. I know that not all people I come into contact with are going to change their life for the better however,  I do know  this: I am giving individuals tools that they  would not have access to otherwise.

Being able to connect with your body , using breath techniques to our advantage and  experiencing the benefits of  relaxation have shown to be extremely beneficial to body and mind, wherever we are in life.

Why I teach Yoga to those in need?  Because of the benefits and impact it has..

The feedback  that I have received from teaching Yoga to those in need  range from an elderly man crying after standing up tall for the first time ever to another middle age person telling me how he felt 'whole' for the first time in his life. These statements are truly humbling and inspiring..

Like I have said many times before, Yoga is  about how  we feel connected, whole and complete and not about how many perfect postures we can master.

Why I teach Yoga to those in need? Because if feels right...

I teach Yoga to those in need because it is what I am meant to be doing , because of the benefits it brings to individuals, because it feels right & to say thank you!



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