It’s a Mindset Thing – 4 Steps To Freedom!

Mindset and being mindful are real buzz words at the moment and in my opinion, rightly so!  Every time I get stopped in my tracks in the middle of a project, a conversation or anything that makes me shrink back into my shell, I know I am getting stuck in my mind!

I teach mindfulness and emotional intelligence to children and it is wonderful to see how they react when they realise that by changing the way they act they can get a better result for themselves!   Children are like sponges and in general until about the age of 11 will gladly participate in cool ways to explore their mind!  

Number 1 for me in relation to mindset is simply awareness.   I am talking a real awareness that it IS a mindset thing.   Just say out loud, or in your head, next time you shrink from something; feel like you are not good enough or decide to give up on a project.   It’s a mindset thing!    That 2 seconds it takes to say this to yourself is enough to stop the mind clatter and to bring you back into the present moment where all the action is happening anyway.    It’s a mindset thing.

Number 2 Name it, if you can!   What is it that is stopping me?   Where is it located … hint can you feel it in your stomach, in your head, in your heart, what does it make you feel like?  Do you feel unworthy, too tired, too overwhelmed, too under educated?    

When you name something, although you limit it somewhat, you get an understanding of what it is you can work on.   Maybe you need a rest, a walk, maybe you need to take a course or maybe you are letting what you think other people think about you fuel your actions!   Even the realisation that you are giving your power away like that may be enough to make you think twice!!!  It’s a mindset thing! 

Number 3 own the story you have now discovered.   You don’t have to tell anyone but just own it or in other words, admit it to yourself.   If you decide to tell someone make that be a decision for yourself.   Bear in mind you may get someone else’s judgement about your story!

When you own the story you are taking your power back over it.   You have confirmed to yourself that it is a mindset thing and you then have the choice to change it!

Number 4 is taking action.    You have become aware of it, named it and owned it, the only thing left to do is take action.  Yes this is the getting out of the comfort zone bit, the pushing through the barriers, the overcoming fears, the putting up boundaries to protect your self worth, developing better self worth and so on.

There are lots of self help tools to help us along the way to taking action.  Here is a complementary lesson on Emotional Freedom Technique, or maybe you would prefer a chakra meditation.   And yes for those of you that know me, there is an oil for that!!!

Until next time … know that it is a mindset thing and mindset things can be changed!

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, AuthorEmpowerment & Assertive CoachEnergy Therapist & Soul Care Practitioner.