A Fine Dining Experience At 56Central

We are what we eat

To describe a meal at 56Central as a fine dining experience is an understatement.

So what’s the secret?

So why is it that we are what we eat?   Well because everything is energy and everything energetic vibrates at a frequency, as human beings with an energy body we vibrate at different frequencies too! If we are feeling sick, stressed or under the weather our frequency is low and we might be advised to eat some chicken soup or take a hot drink! There is a feel good factor to eating something we like and it starts with the aroma. When we smell something, receptor cells in our nose send the messenger molecules right into our brain and, if we like the smell can trigger happy memories. We might remember Granny’s apple pie or an ice cream cone on the beach as a child on a family holiday.

When we are feeling happy and are healthy we vibrate at a high frequency.   Well it’s the same with the food we eat.   Pick up a vegetable past its sell by date and you can imagine its vibration!

High vibration food

When food is sourced locally, picked and cooked without having to travel long distances, its vibration remains higher than if the food had to travel a long distance and risk exposure to something negative on its journey.

At 56Central, almost all of the food on the menu is sourced locally and cooked in a happy kitchen!!! Its obvious from the moment you walk into the restaurant that you are in for a great tasting high vibrational heart based meal.     We are immersed in an attitude of Gratitude from the get go!   The staff wears t-shirts with “Gratitude” written on them!

There is a heart drawn on the wall at the entrance and this is where the journey starts. From here a “blood line” in the form of a ribbon travels around the restaurant like a meridian field of energy, bringing love from the heart centre into the heart chakra of each room, where it explodes with creativity and connection.

The rooms

In the garden room we merge with the element of nature. We can choose to dine in the Site where Food is the theme.   We can flow into the art room where we merge with our own creative centre immersed in the theme of art and culture.   We enter the field of connection and love when we choose to eat in the vault, ingredients that every meal most definitely benefit from!

How could we not enjoy our food in such a wonderful place with such happy positive energy!!!

Where is 56Central

56Central is situated in the heart of Galway City. As a Galwegian I have fond memories of the establishments that were insitu in the past in this premises. I can honestly say how wonderful it is that such vibrant energy can be brought to a long standing establishment, in which part of the old wall of the City of the Tribes holds up the central Processo bar.

One of Gill’s ambitions when she opened her first restaurant at 37West was to make healthy food the new sexy! With 56Central her aim was to connect people back to why they eat and to choose locally sourced foods where possible. I can assure you a visit to 56Central leaves you in no doubt that Gill has surpassed her goals.

The Food!


On the night to start the juices flowing we were treated to Elderflower Prosecco on arrival.   As we took our seats as per the table plan we were greeted personally with a handwritten note from Gill to welcome us.

The food that followed included delicacies from local butchers Collerans, whose mincemeat was used for the perfectly cooked beef burgers. They were served on Jeremy Les Petit Doucher mini brioche buns with a serving of Ballymaloe Relish to excite the taste buds. We had 56 Central Cuinneog buttermilk Chicken served with greens, another delightful treat.

There was scrummy 56Central homemade gluten free bread, baked ham from Castlemine butchers who also provided the sausage meat for the sausage sliders served with Lizzi’s piccalilli. The honey was from Loughrea Honey and the delicious and tasty Prosecco and Tarragon Mustard was from The Lodge Barna.   There were no complaints about a little more Prosecco being added to the menu!

This was followed by a most delicious serving of spicy potato bravas, Galway Goat Farm cheese served with beetroot piccalilli and garnishes.   We had mini fish cakes made with Alis Fish Market Fish and naturally gluten free nacho canapés from Blanco Ninos.

Then came dessert!   We had a sweet selection from Sugar and Spice with a host of goodies including mini mint areo, caramel, mini brownie and mallows and a delicious giant cup cake with frosting.

There is a lovely buzz about this fabulous restaurant that makes you feel satisfied in lots of ways and most especially being part of its vibrant energy.

Well done to Gill who made me feel proud of dining in my beautiful City and proved to us all that the West is most certainly Awake!

Until next time .. keep the faith

Dolores Andrew-Gavin