Vibrate At The Highest Frequency Possible

Guest Blog by Jessica Forde, Shop Manager, Amber, 18 Mary Street, Galway. 

We live in a busy and stressful world, with this it’s playing on all our bodies, souls and minds. What can we do to make our lives more fulfilled being in abundance, love, wishes and dreams?

Do our body, soul and mind have the power to reach it’s full potential to be the best it can be? Yes it does, but we need a helping hand in doing so, something to pick up our energy and have us vibrate in the highest frequency possible.

I speak of vibration and frequency, what does this mean?

I have always had an interest in Holistic Therapy from a young age and many paths in my life kept it at bay until I got the wonderful opportunity to run a little Holistic shop here in Galway. I discovered the most unusual but intriguing tools throughout my time working in this magic treasure trove. As many holistic tools caught my eye I would always return back to crystals. They captivated me, grabbed my attention, picked up my mood, brought out my creativity again and gave me a sense of well -being. I had to know why the crystals had this effect on me. Like most people I have become hooked and I have learned to respect the wonderful energies of each individual crystal. They have brought a huge change in my life.

Crystals are Holistic tools which we use to raise the vibration of our Chakras in our bodies.

We talk about 7 main chakras. The 7 Chakras are the energy centres in our body which energy flows through. Without Chakras we simply wouldn’t be alive. The Chakras are located from the top of our head to the lower part of our spine, each link to our external and internal organs, cells and DNA. We talk about our Chakras being opened or closed and Chakra alignment. Our Chakras change all the time from closed due to stress, illness, frustration, anger and negativity to open from love, romance, passion or creativity. Crystal therapy allows us to repair, fix or align our Chakras so the energy flows, correcting as it goes through our bodies so we can vibrate to the highest frequency allowing us to be the best we can be.

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is based on the crystals having a natural healing frequency that can be activated to contribute to moving or balancing energy around them. With Chakra stones the vibrational signature of each crystal corresponds or resonates with the specific chakra you wish to work on. One may use intention and the intuition to activate the healing power of the stones. Energy is channelled and magnified through the crystal; this then resonates with the vibration of frequency of the Chakra you are working on allowing the energy travelling through the Chakra to move correctly.

The Crown Chakra 7

The Crown Chakra is located on the top of the head and is associated with connection to the higher realms and higher beings and our spiritual self and is linked to the colour white. The Crown Chakra promotes positive thinking for inspiration, creativity and spiritual growth. When this chakra is closed or out of sync we will suffer mental disorders, stress, mental blockages, lack of imagination and loss of creativity. We look at the white crystals to help to raise the vibration of this chakra, clear quartz, selenite, white calcite and angelite. Pointed crystals are ideal here. Placing the pointed end upwards on the top of the head allows the crown to vibrate with higher realms especially for spiritual healing and meditation. Placing clairvoyant crystals like angelite enhances this.

If the Chakra is too open where you feel “Flighty” and wish to be more grounded place pointed crystal quartz down towards your body allowing the energies to flow towards your feet connecting you back to Mother Earth. Adding a grounding crystal like hematite aids the energy to move down to the feet. Selenite brings clarity to the mind and cleanses the auric felid. A selenite lamp is ideal for any healing space.

The Third Eye Chakra 6

The Third Eye Chakra is located on the brow, inbetween your eyes and vibrates with the colour purple or indigo. This is our concentration and balance centre where the pituitary gland is located which controls and balances all our glands and the endocrine system, nose, ears and sinuses. It promotes vision, intuition, concentration, psychic abilities, self-knowledge and insight. When we struggle with spiritual growth this chakra goes through a lot in the form of sleeplessness, stress, anxiety, fear, phobia, and lack of concentration. The crystals I find that work well in raising the vibration of this Chakra are amethyst, opalite, sugilite and titanium quartz and green moss agate. Placing an amethyst in your bedroom and an opalite under your pillow aids sleep, mindfulness and dreaming. Placing a spirit quartz amethyst works wonders in your room for deep sleep, I recommend placing a dream journal on your bedside locker as this crystal opens your vision and insight, so don’t forget to log your dreams, and you will learn a lot more about yourself.
Our third eye can be over stimulated in some cases so leave the amethyst aside and replace with a clear quartz or hematite. place the cold crystal on your brow for a short period and concentrate on your breathing. This works well by allowing your mind to relax especially before bedtime. If you suffer from sinus problems, pop a green moss agate in your bottled water, it aids inflammation of the blood vessels when the sinus problem flares up.

The Throat Chakra 5

The Throat Chakra is located at the throat and is one that many people have problems with. Associated with the colour blue it allows free expression, speech, communication and sound. There are many crystals for the throat. I suffer a lot with my throat Chakra so I find blue lace agate, sodalite, lapis lazui, blue moss agate and blue topaz very helpful. When we don’t express or communicate our throat chakra it becomes blocked. With this we suffer throat infections, deep swallowing, and tightness of the throat and in some severe cases we are unable to swallow our food. Expression and communication is difficult for most of us. A powerful crystal that can be worn on a necklace close to the throat is blue turquoise. It aids free speech when you need it the most. To be worn in small periods until you feel you have overcome a block in the throat. Gentler and subtle stones that are ideal on a necklace or in your bottled water are blue lace agate and blue moss agate, especially if you suffer many throat infections. Sodalite aids anxiety, fears and phobias and lapis lazui aids deep imbedded emotions causing the blockage.  It should be used by a trained therapist as it's vibration is particularly high. Keeping a diary along with the use of the crystals aids unblocking the Throat Chakra.

The Heart Chakra 4

The Heart Chakra  located in the chest is one of the many Chakras we all focus on as it is our centre Chakra and when this is blocked you will find many others are blocked also. The Chakra is associated with the colours pink and green. It’s the centre of our emotional being, passion, love, desire, goal making, compassion, sharing, forgiveness and understanding. Here we focus on the immune system, circulatory system and blood pressure. Many things trigger blockages of this Chakra, loss, depression, heartache from family, friends and loved ones and emotional trauma. Rose quartz, green aventurine, bloodstone, rhodonite, rhodochrosite and watermelon tourmaline are wonderful crystals for this Chakra. The most popular crystal for this Chakra is rose quartz, as its gentle vibrating energy slowly opens the heart allowing you to open to self-love which is the key to unblocking this Chakra. If we don’t have self-love how can we open our heart to love, romance, desires, dreams and goals and compassion?
For women placing the rose quartz in the left-hand side of your bra is an excellent place for the stone or simply wearing a necklace near the heart with rose quartz or a ring on your middle finger on the left is wonderful. For protection of your heart, look for watermelon tourmaline, rhondonite and rhodochrosite.

Meditation with crystals at your heart centre

Connecting with your heart crystal in your left hand during meditation, visualizing a lotus or rose, repeating the mantra “I Love My Own Heart” aids in opening your heart Chakra leaving you with a warm and tingling feeling in your chest where your energy begins to flow through the chakra. This Chakra should be the first to be worked on as it is the hardest one to open but when you do, most of your other Chakra energies will flow.

The Solar Plexus Chakra 3

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located below the breast plate and navel area. Associated with the colour yellow it promotes confidence, humour, personal power, authority, laughter and warmth. This Chakra gives us a sense of identity and personality. When the heart Chakra is blocked more than likely this Chakra becomes blocked also. There are many crystals to be used for this Chakra, yellow calcite, citrine, yellow topaz, and yellow tigers eye. When this Chakra is blocked we notice poor digestion, slow metabolism, gut problems and adnominal pains. When doing crystal healing, placing the selected stones around the navel area in a circle helps to promote the natural cycle of the digestion system. If you are sensitive to energies during healing sessions or clairvoyant work wearing a crystal belt around your stomach with protection crystals is very useful and it stops you taking on other people’s energies especially with heavy energy sessions.

To build your own true identity and power, tigers eye is key to open that Chakra and vibrate to it fullest. Keeping it in your lower pockets or wearing on a lower chain closest to the Chakra is important. A crystal salt lamp is excellent for this Chakra.

The Sacral Chakra 2

This Chakra is located in between the navel and public bone, our reproductive organs and is associated with the colour orange. This is your empowerment centre for both genders. We hold most of our emotional energies here causing many blockages in this Chakra. It promotes physical power, strength, force, creativity, passion, endurance, vitality and sexual energy. This is a common area focused especially with women as this is our mothering Chakra and creation of life Chakra so great care is needed when working with this Chakra. Many stones are excellent with this Chakra especially, moonstone (white), amber, fire agate and red tiger eye for the sexual organs. The womb is scared, blockages of this Chakra can lead to low self -esteem, not owning your true empowerment, low libido, unable to conceive in some cases. Lining the crystals like an arrow pointing towards the feet in this area is vital, we need grounding from Mother Earth to allow this Chakra to vibrate in a high frequency. Keeping either crystal in your lower pockets is important also.

The Root Chakra 1

This Chakra is located down the base of your spine, is our grounding Chakra and without it we would all be “flighty” so this is an important Chakra. It’s strongly associated with earthy tones, red and brown and the kidneys, adrenal gland and the spine. It promotes grounding, connection to nature, patience, survival, stability, courage and material success. This is the Mother Earth Chakra so daily we should work on this chakra as it allows us to get through our day despite if any other Chakras are blocked. Alcohol, drugs, flying, taking on others energies can block it, allowing us to become unstable, flighty and unbalanced.

Grounding with crystals

A noticeable sign of this Chakra being blocked is kidney problems and lower back problems as we hold our traumatic and emotional energies in our Root Chakra that we have experienced throughout our lives. A stone that aids the opening of this Chakra is red jasper, hematite, black tourmaline, shungite, and black obsidian. For all those negative energies black tourmaline is great to be worn on a ring, or in some case a belt. It repels the negative energy. For a quick grounding hematite is excellent and place one in both hands, both feet or in some circumstances inside your shoes with the visualization of tree branches growing down from your feet into the ground connecting to Mother Earth. This is very rewarding allowing you to be set up for a hectic day ahead or if you get a slight energy knock where you feel unstable, hematite is very useful to keep with you in your bag. It should only be used in small period of time as the vibration is very high.

Shungite is the stone for electro -magnetic-smog giving off from devices such as computer, wifi, mobile phones etc. Placing this stone near the devices helps to adsorb the smog so regular cleansing is essential. Flying can block this Chakra so bring red jasper in your pocket or simply wearing the colour helps with grounding during travel.

Crystals are wonderful tools to aid us with aligning, opening and clearing our Chakras. Remember to always cleanse and charge your crystals after use, they need attention also. When picking your crystal for your Chakra your intuition is very important to use and listen to what your body needs look for the signs, u have the power to keep your soul, body and mind in

For more information on crystals you can contact Jessica Forde, Shop Manager at Amber