My Journey of Self Discovery with Natural Solutions

Growing up with a big sister who was a Reiki Master and an Aromatherapy Massage Therapist was fun!   I always loved when Jackie would put her “magic” hands on me if I had an ache and pain and remember feeling so good after!   My favourite part of the massage was the oils as I used to hate anyone going near my neck and my feet!

Our environment growing up has a huge effect on us there is no doubt about that.  Sometimes we can perceive our environment as negative and sometimes as positive.   I knew from a young age that whatever my sister was doing worked and I liked it!!

After pursuing a career in law, my love for natural medicine and natural products dwindled a little, there were the years of working, socialising and more working. I was also involved heavily with Junior Chamber in Galway and was Chapter President in 1998.

Moving on a few years to having children and recession!   My job as a freelance Legal Secretary dried up before I had my second son.   I had started to work part-time after my first son was born and my Mum looked after him for me.  Around that time I also started to re kindle my love of natural products and started to buy books on “making your own products”.  It is amazing that our soul calling is always there guiding and nudging us and while at the time I didn’t realise it, my passion was trying to get my attention!

I also followed in my sister’s footsteps studying Reiki back in 2011 and even then I didn’t really know why I was at the workshop!!! It was as if someone had guided me there!

After my first son was diagnosed with asthma and was about to get a nebulizer I went to a homeopath … let’s just say – it worked for us.  My son never did go down the other route!   I have no problem with giving my children medicine if they need it but, whenever possible I use a natural approach.   I have been lucky in this regard.

I have also used natural remedies like essential oils on my children for their emotional well being as well as my own!    When we use natural products we can target specific areas.   For example if my child is feeling anxious about a school project and this is also manifesting as an upset tummy I can blend together two oils so that they will give support for both the anxious feeling and the tummy upset.  It is not a one solution fits all.

When we use natural remedies be it for our skin; our emotional health or whatever we are getting to the root of what is really ailing us.   If someone is chronically stressed there can often be an emotional cause  and our body may be crying out to be listened to.   We can even add natural products to our skin care; we can add Lavender if we have skin that needs calming down and this also has the benefit of calming our central nervous system at the same time!!!

Along the years I have also studied emotional intelligence, NLP and EFT.   I have started to teach emotional intelligence to children as well as having private consultations with both adults and children.   I maintain my family’s health physically and emotionally with medicine from Mother Nature.

I run workshops on using our mindset to our advantage and introduce people to natural solutions to support them on their journey.

I have also in the past two years become known among some of my friends as “The Chakra Queen” for my workshops on the chakras.  I do believe, and have done the work on myself, that we can use the chakras as a template for personal healing.   Wherever we are stuck in life and this will be different for everyone, we can go to the awarenesscentre that deals with this issue and get to the bottom of the belief that is stuck there.    Our beliefs are often times interwoven with our emotions and this is then the story we carry around and tell people.   However if this story is not bringing about a good result for us e.g. if we tell everyone we are a very unlucky person in love, we can look at the chakra/s that deals with this story and discover why we have this belief about ourselves.  Perhaps we got hurt in the past and those wounds still linger in our heart chakra stopping us moving forward and opening up to receive love again.   It is not about judging ourselves it is more about discovery and realising we can untangle the beliefs and emotions and create a better story for ourselves.  You can find out more information about my chakra course here.

When it comes to our health and wellness we can always take small steps to be more proactive with reducing our toxic load, we can eat better, sleep better, exercise and combine all these activities with adding more natural produce and products to our lives.  We get one chance at this lifetime let’s make it the best we can!

Dolores Andrew-Gavin is a health and wellness blogger at an Energy Therapist at Celtic Soul Essence and an Emotional Intelligence Coach at The Mythic Fairy