Sex and Seaweed by Helena Tubridy

Thanks to Helena Tubridy for this wonderful guest blog.  

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No, it’s not just for the ladies. Iodine turbo-charges sperm. Sperm make babies. Good sex gets sperm to where they need to be for conception. Trying for a baby often breeds a different kind of sex to your free-range fun sex. A few months of nothing happening and a doctor’s visit. Next you’re charting intimate moments with the cold precision of a NASA scientist. Sex morphs into a ‘baby dance’ of fertile windows,stickers, discussed with complete strangers. Desire, fun and passion evaporate. Reclaiming your mo-jo could be as simple as nibbling low-cal seaweed flakes.

Why thyroids crave iodine to fuel fertility

Iodine is rocket fuel for the thyroid. Metabolism and energy levels are regulated via the hormone Thyroxine -T4. Prolactin levels soar if T4 falls. Periods become irregular or cease. In the luteal phase T3 is needed for pregnancy hormone, Progesterone. Balancing thyroid function prevents oestrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency. When the thyroid lacks fuel your body temp falls. Newly forming embryos need heat – like an incubator – to implant and grow properly. Growing babies cry out for Triiodothyronine T3 –  to make good bones and steady nerves for life.Cretinism is a condition caused by low iodine during gestation. And for mum-in-waiting – worried about morning sickness? Iodine to the rescue! Did you know it also boosts  yourimmune function and keeps breasts healthy? Just Google it and go see for yourself.

Is your thyroid struggling?

  1. can’t shed weight
  2. period pain
  3. irregular periods
  4. low libido
  5. cold hands and feet
  6. thin hair, starting at front
  7. lethargy
  8. mood changes

Blás na Mara 

The best way to get your daily iodine is to eat it, in your food. Soil depletion means low levels in plants. We need more of this good stuff.

Photo credit – Nicole Mazgula

And that’s where Connemara Organic Seaweed Company enters the fertility equation! Margaret Lee introduced me to locally sourced seaweeds. She sent some by post for me to try. Dried seaweed flakes and a powdered seaweed condiment in neat little tubs. Yup, it smells of the sea. I loved it. The teen hated it. Then I discovered you can bake with it, use it in salads, soups and stews and no-one notices! Hmm – am I very bad? After finishing this post  I had to go and eat some more myself. A tasty low-cal midnight snack.

Weight loss

You don’t need to know this but I get hypoglycaemic if I don’t eat regularly – properly ‘hangry.’ Nibbling seaweed flakes keeps me going longer between meals. Why? I was curious. This is what I found out..

  • Seaweed controls blood sugar levels
  • It curbs appetite
  • Eating seaweed educes food cravings
  • Seaweed  naturally blocks the absorption of fat
  • It’s choc full of Vitamin C and  B12, (another of my favourites)
  • Dilisk has 5o times more iron than spinach so move over, Popeye
  • Seaweed is full of calcium so no need to worry about dairy intake. (Milk is for calves)
  • Crispy dried seaweed is delicious. The flavour called Umami is known as the ‘5th taste.’ It’s a special savoury taste that brings out the flavour of other foods. (You’ll find it in parmesan cheese, tomato sauce and bacon)

Inside Out

Photo credit – Nicole Mazgula

Photo credit – Nicole Mazgula


Margaret Lee’s seaweed facial scrub is grapeseed oil based and is rightly scrubby. None of your li’l plastic balls. NaturallyI used it on my hands too. My reflexology clients noticed my super-smooth mitts. My bathroom resembles a kitchen. Coconut oil, essential oils, vinegar and Epsom Salts are my thing. I love fresh natural products and this is a nice find.

If you can’t bring yourself to eat yummy dried seaweed – treat yourself to a heavenly seaweed bath. It’s the ultimate in sensual, skin-softening bliss.

For info on more lovely products and great recipes talk to Margaret –

I received these products free of charge after a Twitter chat and was pleased to do this review.