Finding The Tribe You Belong To in the Everyday World!

As I come to the end of week one of my on line chakra course I am reflecting what has come up for me as I delve into the course alongside those doing it.   This week we looked at belonging.

When we find our tribe or community we automatically feel a sense of belonging and a sense of comfort and a feeling of being okay to be ourselves in this community.

However, our sense of belonging changes from time to time in our lives, it is not like we deal with it once and it never comes up again for us.

People change jobs, they split up with their partners or perhaps a partner dies.    In these instances we may find that we lose a sense of who we are; of where we belong and often with that comes feelings of anxiety and stress.  Tribes or communities we used to be a part of may no longer be welcoming, as perhaps they are couple only events where we now feel ackward.  The tribe or community has not changed, what has is our circumstances.

I have watched my oldest son go into secondary school this September, which is a huge leap from primary school and have watched as he found his new tribe and developed his sense of belonging. 

Of course we don't always use this type of language, we may say we "feel a little lost" at times and don't know who to turn to or where to begin.   We may not share our feelings with anyone because we may not even be able to verbalise what we are going through.

This is why I work with chakras.  The root chakra is the foundation, the building block upon which all other chakras are built.   It is in this awareness centre we ask the question

"Do I feel I belong right now where I am". 

"Do I feel I have a right to be here and do I have what I need to survive through this?"

With an awareness of where we are around belonging, we can access our emotions and from a grounded place really understand what they are trying to tell us.   

Perhaps in a job we are doing right now, we don't feel like we belong with the people we are working this.  Now this may mean we are in an area that does not suit us or perhaps we may need to develop a skill, if it is an area we are passionate about.  Perhaps we may need to work on our confidence levels.

When we find our tribe we just know we belong, maybe not with everyone but with enough of the people around us to know that we can survive and excel.  

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Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Owner of IrishHealthHour, Author, Energy Therapist and lovingly known as Queen of the Chakras :-)