Must Have Apps For Working Parents

Guest blog post from Kat Buckley

Kat Buckley is the owner of a local services company called HappyCleans. She is passionate about giving people a little extra time to spend with loved ones by cleaning their homes.

When working a full time job with long hours; being a parent can be difficult. It’s so difficult to find any time for yourself between spending a long day at the office and catching up on the million tasks that have piled up at home in the evening and over the weekend. This infographic from HappyCleans features a wide range of apps that can assist you in winning the precious gift of time!

Working parents often make the mistake of trying to do everything themselves and this can become overwhelming. It’s important to delegate at least some of the household tasks. For example, an app called Chorma can help you as it turns household tasks into a competition for the entire family.

You’d be surprised how competitive kids can get when there are points to be earned for taking part.

Even if it resulted in the kids contributing a small bit more it’d be well worth it.
Sometimes you need to play around with these apps before you realise how beneficial they are. Why not download a few of them to see if they’re useful? All of the apps are free so you have nothing to lose!