Clean Your Home in Less Than an Hour

Guest blog post from Tane Clark from Half Price

It can be hard to keep on top of household tasks. We work demanding jobs and have a million
different jobs to get done every day. This infographic from Half Price explains how to get a cleaner home if you simply don’t have the time to clean from top-to- bottom.

Set a countdown timer for an hour and try to follow the plan from the infographic. Many people like to listen to some music while they clean so it may be an idea to put on your favourite CD to keep you focussed and motivated. It’s generally best to get into some old clothes and comfy trainers as cleaning this quickly can be a bit like hitting the gym!

There is no need to clean every single area and you should just focus on the main areas in each room and when your time is up, move on to the next room. It’s generally best to do a quick vacuum of all the rooms at the end rather than as you go from room to room. Dragging it around will eat into your time too much so a quick run through at the end is ideal. Find out more in the infographic.