Tools to Help our Emotional Wellbeing

I have been working as an Energy, EFT & Emotional Intelligence Therapist for many years now.   I see a pattern for people, including myself, how our core emotional wounds get triggered by similar types of situations.  For example, we may have issues with our personal power.  We will find though that, the story doesn't have to be the same story that comes up each time, it is really ANY time our power is challenged or at least we perceive it as being challenged. 

If we feel our power is threatened in any way, be it by our children, our partner, an event going on in society or anything we get triggered!!    When we have a core emotional wound there is usually an emotion attached to it.  An emotion often attached to power issues is anger or any of the anger types of emotions like rage.  Anger, like all of the emotions, has something to tell us, so we can work with it and not against it to bring about a solution. Anger indicates to us that we perceive that our personal boundaries have been violated.

A good way to find out what our core emotional wounds are is to note how we react to each life situation as it arises.

When something happens that makes us feel vulnerable or unsafe we can ask ourselves “What do I need right now so that I don't feel like this”?

This is a powerful question and one that is a great way to find out what limiting belief or falsehood is being triggered in us.

Maybe we see someone having success and we say to ourselves

“I could have done that”  or

“I should have done that”.

Maybe we go into “poor me” mood and declare that we never get the breaks, nothing good ever happens to us.  But, we can change the story.

There are lots of tools we can use to help us navigate our emotional terrain.

For example EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique.  When we use EFT we are tapping into our own energy centres and releasing what is holding us back.  We may even find we need to accept something or admit something to ourselves.  We can use affirmations to help us along the way but,  a quicker route to where we want to go can be to become aware of our core emotional wounds and, then choose which action we want. When we hide from our shadow parts or those stories we don't want to accept then they won't change.

We can also work with the emotional centre of our brain, the limbic brain and use our sense of smell to send messages to our brain.  Perhaps we need to become more grounded or balanced before we can tackle a situation.  Perhaps we need to support our central nervous system or need support accepting ourselves, just the way we are.  We can use essential oils to help with this process.  They are comprised of different messager molecules that each have specific jobs to do.   Because of this we can work uniquely with what our own body needs.

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Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Energy Therapist, Assertiveness Coach, Founder of the Global Emotional Health Summit