Love Your Heart, Stay Healthy

Guest blog post by Aris Grigoriou from Study Medicine Europe

Often the problem with heart disease is that it’s a silent killer. It accounts for 1 in 3 deaths and the problem with heart attacks and cardiac arrests is that they often happen with very little warning.

This infographic from Study Medicine Europe takes you through the intricate workings of the  heart and explains how we can help to protect it.

When working effectively, the heart is like a well-oiled machine and pumps 2,000 gallons of oxygen rich blood around the body every day. Unfortunately, if we do not take care of it, heart attacks and cardiac arrests become more likely. A cardiac arrest will lead to death within minutes if left untreated and the longer a person goes without treatment after a heart attack, the greater the damage. It really is about being vigilant at all ages and not just starting to take action as you get older.

Everyone should be encouraged to get a healthy routine going in their 20s as heart disease can begin at a very young age. The earlier we start caring about it the better. Often people leave it too late to change their ways and by then the damage may have been done. Find out more in the infographic.

love-your-heart-stay-healthy-infographic (1).jpg