YOGA FOR LOVE Guest blog post by Amara Yoga & Wellbeing

In general, to  attract love into our life we focus on heart opening sequences when practising Yoga. This is the case whether we are yearning increaed self-love or love from another person in our life.

Please see also additional ideas such as positive affirmations, essential oils, Meditation & Relaxation techniques to inspire Love into your, Let's get started.

Getting Centred:

Come into a seated position, close your eyes and bring your focus to your breath. Spend a few minutes centering  yourself.  Repeat a love affirmation to yourself quietly such as 'I am love'  or something similar, while focusing on your heart chakra. If you wish you can inhale or apply a heart opening essential oil such as Lavender.

Let go of any thoughts that might distract you and bring your focus back to your breath. When you feel connected and grounded you can gently open your eyes and come into a standing position on your mat.

Sun Salutations:

A nice way to start your  Yoga practice is with a few rounds of sun salutations. 

Heart Opening Yoga Postures:

Postures such as Fish Pose, Bridge, Camel, Crescent Moon and Standing Star are examples of 5 heart opening yoga postures that open your heart. See images of poses below.

1.Fish Pose

2.Crescent Moon

3. Camel Pose

4. Bridge Pose

5. Star Pose

Yoga Relaxation: 

To end your practice, finish lying down in relaxation & focus on your heart chakra. Breathe in 'Love' and  breathe out 'Release' and imagine filling your heart with the most beautiful  & radiant pink color. Feel the love inside your heart  that is there for you. Whether it is self-love or love from another person you are looking to attract:

Yoga can help open your heart to all possibilities. 

Additional tips to attract Love;

Let go of any negative ideas, thoughts and feelings in relation to Love & Relationships. Create a vision board and cut out images of what you would you would like Love to look like for you at this moment. Be kind to YOU and spoil yourself.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is  self-love or as  Whitney Houston says  in '' The Greatest Gift of All' :

                                         ''I found the greatest love of all

                                                             Inside of me

                                                 The greatest love of all

                                                    Is easy to achieve

                                                 Learning to love yourself

                                              It is the greatest love of all ''

                                                       (Whitney Houston)

I hope you enjoyed  these Yoga & Relaxation Tips for Love, let me know how you get on! 

Wishing you a loving and carefree heart ALWAYS!.

Namaste, Ronah

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