Stand Up Because You Are Worthy this International Woman's Day

The whole story of the Tuam Babies really makes my stomach churn.   I read about the survivors and relatives "never having a voice" and so called "abuses perpetrated against women and children".   

It's not that long ago either that this atrocity happened in our wonderful country.  AND the fact is, it is still happening in so many parts of the world.   Yet, that is not the issue, should it happen anywhere is more important?

"Never having a voice" is a real problem and whilst it is not exclusive to women of course, it is something that we can change in ourselves. 

The most vulnerable in our societies are our children and they need for us to be able to show them a better way.  Each time we turn the other cheek we turn away instead of turning towards. 

Mothers, we can educate and empower our sons to treat women better and, this starts with treating ourselves better.   The old expression "monkey say, monkey do" is a truth and our children learn more from our actions than from our words.  

Mothers, we can educate our daughters to have respect for themselves, to value their bodies and to realise the gift new life is.

We can stand together and respect ourselves more, value our own bodies more and take steps to stand tall knowing that we are a valuable part of society.   No one, not anyone can take our power away, unless we let them.     

We need to stand up and stop hiding behind old paradigms, for every child that was found in Tuam, there was also a father who co-created this child.    Enough about banishment and more about the miracle of life. 

There are many organisations that can help anyone suffering from emotional or physical abuse and I empower you this International Women's Day to stand up for YOURself, because you are so worthy of being here and having the fullest expression of life that you can. 

Until next time ... keep the faith, 

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Founder IrishHealthHour, Founder Global Emotional Health Summit, Empowerment Coach and Speaker, Author, Energy and Soul Care Practitioner, and Mum