The Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist and You Are Good to Go

Guest blog post from Angela Berry from

One of the key elements of happiness is setting aside time for yourself. If we don’t take the time to indulge, relax and unwind, what is all our hard work worth? Live is meant to be enjoyed, and there are few things that can bring you more joy than traveling; traveling soothes the soul, expands your horizons, teaches you about different cultures, helps you recharge your batteries and come home a better and more positive person.

Aside from happiness, traveling brings about numerous health benefits and sometimes can even have a healing effect. In order to have a truly wonderful and stress-free journey, there are things you need to bear in mind when preparing for a trip, and to that end, we have come up with the ultimate travel checklist so you never again experience the “I think I’m forgetting something” gut feeling, a feeling that usually turns out to be justified, so without further ado, let’s hop to it.

The bare necessities

Certain items, even if forgotten at home, can be replaced and purchased along the way.

Others, however, are absolutely essential as you won’t get far without them. The items that fall under the indispensable category are as follows: passport (truly crucial), closely followed by visa, if you are traveling to a country where one is required. Then there is your Personal ID, including a student ID card if you have one. Frequent flyer card(s) and other loyalty program cards such as a hotel or hostel, which can make your trip significantly more frugal. Always divide your budget – this means that you should always have cash with you, but also a sufficient amount on your credit cards.

The smartest thing you can do is bring more money than you estimate sufficient; Murphy’s Law is always lurking just around the corner, so no matter how carefully and in detail you plan things, life (and travels) can always throw you a curve ball. The lesson: be prepared for the unexpected. Next in line are your health insurance documents, reservations, plane/train/bus tickets, hotel (or other accommodation) information and emergency contacts and important addresses. If you are on medication, never ever forget to pack these.

You know better than anyone how important these are to you. Alright, now that you have checked these boxes, we can move on to less crucial but still life-saving travel companions.

The case of the suitcase

For many of us, packing is a grueling experience we put off until the last minute. However, in order not to overpack, or even worse, forget something, it is highly advisable you show due diligence and treat packing as a serious matter. The ultimate hack when it comes to clothes is to pre-plan your outfits.

Count the number of days you are planning to be away, as well as activities you will partake (sightseeing, dinners, shopping, going to the beach) and choose an outfit for everyday and occasion. This way, you will not only save space, but also avoid trying to mix and match your clothes on the spot only to figure out that your favorite top is missing and your outfit is incomplete. Bring stylish yet comfortable footwear; the last thing you need are sore and blistered feet ruining your experience.

As for makeup, the most ingenious solution is a travel-size makeup case with travel-size toiletries and makeup products.

Don't forget to always leave some room for much-needed travel gadgets. Or even better if you can carry them in the hand luggage. Some of the essentials are a good travel pillow, an easy to fold raincoat, and a reusable water bottle. I buy my supplies from Go Travel. Over the years I found them most reliable, but it’s your choice, go for your own favorite brand.

Life-saving gadgets

In the Digital Age, the saying always goes ‘pics or it didn’t happen’. That means that you should always have a camera with you so you can capture all the beauty and share your experience, and of course, have everlasting memories captured on film. Never be too lazy to take an abundance of photos, because you never know if you will ever see that particular place again, so take it all in and document everything.

The cell phone is the gadget above all gadgets, and of course, you should never forget its partner – the charger. Lastly, always have your iPod with you, so during a long plane/train or car ride, you never get bored. Your favorite jams always make the trip more fun.

If you have carefully followed this list, you are most certainly good to go. Remember to have fun, pay attention to every detail, take lots of pictures and soak up the energy of every place you visit. We only get one life, so live yours to the fullest.

Guest blog post from Angela Berry from