Planning a Summer Wedding? Don’t Forget These Tips

Guest blog post by Angela Berry from

Summer days can be tough to handle even without all the wedding-related fuss, but if you plan everything right and adjust your ceremony according to the season, it can be super fun and comfortable for everyone. With that in mind, here are some tips you can incorporate into your wedding for a summer fairy-tale ceremony.

Refreshing soft drinks

Summers are hot enough even without the alcohol to keep you warm, so why not provide your guests with non-alcoholic lemonade or iced tea? You can have a bar with drinks in different flavours and colours served in giant glass jugs filled with cut fruit and fresh herbs. You can even serve stylish fruit-infused water for some extra hydration. If you want to spice things up a bit, you can make a mocktail bar (non-alcoholic cocktails) together with some unusual ingredients, funny straws and tropical umbrellas.

You can also ask your mixologist to create a cocktail just for your reception, but hold off on the booze.

Who needs alcohol when you can have such tasty beverages instead?

Keep your guests cool

Summer receptions can be super hot, so if you want your guests to be comfortable and cool, provide them with some creative fans. You can order a program that unfolds into a handy little fan or if you choose to leave gifts for your guests at their tables, you can make fans with your monograms, which the guests can later take home as a little reminder of your big day. If you’re having your ceremony outside, provide parasols for your guests or put up some oversized umbrellas that will keep them protected from the harsh summer sun.

Summer foods and snacks

Summer weddings are great because there are so many interesting and refreshing foods and snacks you can serve for your guests. For example, miniature bites are always popular no matter the season, and they are super practical as well. You can serve some fresh Gazpacho in cucumber cups or some mini Caesar salads. For dessert, you can opt for some mini scoops of sorbet in different summer colours and flavours. You can choose from melon, lime, mango, different name it; there is always something for everyone. Get information about experienced wedding catering services in advance, let them know what you’re looking for, and they will surely deliver.

Time your photos

The best time of day for taking wedding photos outside is during “the golden hour” - somewhere between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. During that time, the sun is not very harsh so you will be neither blinded nor too hot. Also, the shade can be great for photos because it softens the natural light and makes you sweat a lot less, so don’t avoid it. Make sure to bring your emergency beauty kit and pack some tissues, makeup for touch-ups and a little battery charged fan.

Take it easy on the makeup

Heat and makeup don’t really go well together, so try to keep it as natural as possible. Your wedding makeup should be able to withstand heat, dancing, sweat and a lot of flashing lights. No matter whether you want to keep things simple with perfect skin and some natural eyebrows or you want to go bold with statement lips or lids, make sure to get the best quality products that will have your back. Always opt for waterproof makeup that won’t smudge in case you shed some tears.

Summer weddings can be truly beautiful, so don’t let a bit of heat stop you from having the time of your life. Don’t leave anything to chance; come prepared, and you can be sure that both you and your guests will never forget your big day.


Guest blog post by Angela Berry from