Using and Enhancing your Natural Intuition in Every Day Life with Working with the Runes - Spotlight on Laguz

We all have the capacity to use our innate power of intuition, or the ability to know some piece of information very rapidly, and seemingly without using logic or reason to get there. I’m sure many have heard of the Mother’s Intuition that is particular to the bond between mother and child. What if you want to improve your ability to use your own intuition and what kind of knowledge can you expect? Will you get the winner lottery numbers? Well, no. However, using the Norse runes, particularly the rune laguz, ᛚ, which means water, in a conscious way which I will describe, you can activate your inner knowing and learn to develop a relationship with it that eventually will feel effortless. Your intuition can provide insight and guidance with regard to your soul life as an aid to navigation that you can trust.

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The rune Laguz, as mentioned, means water and encompasses oceans, lakes, rivers, streams. Because of this association with the water element, the rune likewise symbolizes your intuition, dreams, emotions and potential to access them for greater understanding of self. In Norse mythology, Njödr is a seafaring god, who was invoked for wealth and good travels by ship. Aegir is the Ocean Lord, who is known for hosting elaborate parties for the gods. His wife was Rán, which means robber. She was his opposite, a death goddess who took the souls of the drowned. Sailors would keep a gold coin in their pocket to pay the toll into her realm. The two had 9 daughters named for types of ocean waves. In these stories and complex figures that personify the qualities of the sea, we can begin to understand our own emotions, creative and destructive capabilities, and learn what endures and will remain constant. There are huge forces at work in the ocean that exist on the planetary scale and so the myths reflect those forces in size and scope.

Excerpt from the poem, the Grímnismál...

In days of old did Ivaldi's sons

Skithblathnir fashion fair,

The best of ships for the bright god Freyr,

The noble son of Njorth.

The best of trees must Yggdrasil be,

Skithblathnir best of boats;

(Henry Bellows Translation)

Skitthblathnir means 'assembled from thin pieces of wood' and is considered the 'Best of Ships' in Norse mythology. A magical item, and possessed by the god Freyr, brother of Freya and son of Njödr, our Vanir god of the sea, the ship could be folded up, like a piece of paper, and fit in a pocket when not in use. This ship is the perfect tool for navigating the sea of emotions and dreams, which are at times sources of illusion. As soon as the ship's sails go up, it always finds good wind and takes the crew to their destination. When on our own inner journeys, inspired by the rune Laguz, no better ship can be utilized. You might go to an antique shop and find a little ship in a bottle, draw the rune on it so it reminds you of your intention to get in touch with your intuition in this safe and sure way.

When you use this rune in a conscious way, you are setting an intention to expand your awareness and receive information from your intuition that is focused and direct. It helps sort through confusion and turbulent emotions. There are many ways to use a rune stone. You can make or purchase one. It’s very simple to collect a stone from the beach or river, or use a sea shell or piece of sea glass. Draw the rune ᛚ on the piece you have found and keep it in your pocket so you can feel it throughout the day. Place on a window sill where you will see it. You might chant the rune’s name in your mind while you use it for a focal point of meditation. You can also sleep with it under your pillow to inspire your dreams. Ask for insight into your challenge to show itself in a dream. That often is the best way to get out of the way of the rational mind or inner skeptic.  

Some people have a well developed sense of intuition that has been an ally all of their life, others need a little practice. It’s my belief we can all benefit from looking within and taking advantage of the constancy of the sea as a master teacher. Laguz is one of later runes in the runic alphabet, which speaks to its power to help us be in relationship with our true self in partnership or harmony with the universe as awakened individuals.

About the Author


Jenn Poniatowski has a particular affinity with Norse shamanism and found a talent for bringing the old stories to life in such a way that their application and relevance to our modern times is both empowering and practical. Jenn also has a deep understanding of god and goddess archetypes strongly influenced by master mythologists such as Joseph Campbell. Jenn teaches classes on Norse runes and shamanism, and offers rune readings and other soul work.

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