Jacqui’s Christmas Tips and Gentle Reminders

Guest blog post by Jacqui Taaffe JT Coaching Life and Career Coach

Ok everyone, there’s only 45 days left to Christmas Day, are you beginning to feel the pressure rising, I know that feeling, thinking how will I get it all done. 

Stop right now, take a big deep breath and “BREATHE” it’s going to be ok.  Please allow me to be your gentle reminder! 

Let’s think about Christmas and what it really means to you? What memories of past Christmas’s stand out for you the most?  

When it’s all over it is the little things, the moments you remember.  Keep that in mind as you go into the Christmas rush and don’t allow yourself to get dragged along with the crowd. 

It’s time to take control of Christmas; it’s your choice to make it as stressful and expensive as you want.  Let’s get a pen and paper out right now and start writing down all the things you think you will need this Christmas. Make sure to include your Christmas food shop. When you have everything written down have a good look and begin to go through the list again.  Now ask yourself this question, is each item on my list a MUST buy for me? If you feel that you don’t really need it, don’t buy it. Repeat this process a few times until your MUST buys are all that remain on your list.  Then do a rough calculation and estimate of what this Christmas is going to cost. Often just knowing what the cost will be can reduce some of the Christmas stress.

When it comes to gifts and cutting down on costs, homemade gifts can often be the best, such as, jams or chutneys, so go on, get the cooking pot out and why not give it a go, your friends and family will love it and it’s a priceless gift, plus it’s just ticked off a few more gifts from your Christmas list. 

christmas chutney.jpg

 Here’s a great last minute chutney recipe I found.

Christmas is such a wonderful and magical time of the year for children, let them get involved and help you with the jobs that need to be done. Get them crafting bespoke Christmas cards, these are always appreciated and loved. 

For the little ones, let them help you create a Magical Landing Glitter to throw outside for Santa and his reindeers so that they can safely land the sleigh on Christmas Eve.  It’s a simple recipe (a little glitter it doesn’t matter what colour you use, a little scent of carrot, simply wave a carrot over the glitter), then pop into a small brown paper bag until the 24th to sprinkle outside. For the older kids, get them involved with the decorating and the cooking; ask them for their own ideas. If they have an idea for a starter or dessert for the big day, let them do it. What a great confidence booster!

When it comes to you and your outfit for the big day, ask yourself this question. What’s the one thing in my wardrobe, I feel great in?  I suggest you wear it. (You can always accessorise with a new scarf, wrap or necklace). 

Over the Christmas period, weather permitting, get outside and soak up the Christmas atmosphere, wrap up and get walking, it will reduce the chances of cabin fever. In the evenings, one way to get the family together for some fun is organise a game of charades. 

Finally, remember to check in on anyone who lives alone, a “hello” or “how are you” could make Christmas for them.

So as the Christmas rush begins, remember to enjoy and soak up the atmosphere, let’s make it a memorable and good one. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and an amazing 2019.

Written by Life Coach Jacqui Taaffe - JT Coaching