Living a Normal Life after Surviving a Stroke

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A stroke is considered by many as a form of "brain attack". It starts with sudden dizziness, headaches, and numbness in the face, arm, and legs on one side of the body. A stroke is mostly caused by a blocked artery or a burst of a blood vessel that causes a temporary disruption of blood flow to the brain, thus brain cells are deprived of oxygen and eventually die. But stroke doesn't cause sudden damage. It can just happen to anybody at any time.

Once a person is affected by a stroke, a part of the brain is permanently damaged. It's sad to say that a single occurrence of a stroke can change a person's maneuverability for good. Despite the brain having the ability to heal itself after a stroke, there are still devices and recent technologies that allow victims of stroke to regain function.

Having a stroke can affect everybody in different ways. Some stroke survivors recover after some period of rehabilitation. For some, it could take years. Recovery requires them to adapt to changes in their physical state, as well as social aspects and emotional health. There will also be steps to prevent an additional stroke incident. The road to recovery may take forever but an individual affected by a stroke can still optimize his or her lifestyle to live life to the fullest. They just need to know about the right tools to help them do so.

Not being able to do things independently like before may cause the victim to feel angry, anxious, and depressed after a stroke. This causes stress, which can worsen the condition. What the patient needs is rehabilitation and therapy to allow themselves to live a normal life despite the circumstances.

With exceptional rehabilitation and the right set of equipment for support, stroke survivors have a shot at getting back to a normal life as possible. There will be limitations yes, and it may require them to learn new skills and relearn old abilities

A patient always has a choice whether they opt for home care or institutional care. Whichever option they choose, they would need the right set of adaptive equipment to help them recover and optimize their independence. Durable equipment specially designed for stroke patients and individuals with restricted mobility.

Here are suggested durable personal and medical equipment from Buy Medical for stroke survivors:


If the stroke-stricken patient is able to use both arms and legs limitedly and requires balance, it is best to get them a rolling walker or rollator so they may push themselves forward using their arms. This gives them independence in moving around the house.

Drive Medical Durable 4-Wheel Rollator with Fold Up Removable Back

This durable rolling walker has 4-wheels for stability. This medical equipment also acts as a seat. The walker has a padded, hinged, foldable and removable backrest. The roller has a handy basket that goes with it to allow the user to store and carry items. The handles are ergonomically designed which makes them easy to grip. The durable rollator has an adjustable height so it adapts to the patient's reach.


A quad cane is ideal if a stroke patient is affected by hemiplegia or hemiparesis, phenomena that cause paralysis in one side of the body. These canes have a wider base for added support. Quad canes or Hemi-walkers allow patients to walk and navigate themselves around. It works like a regular cane. The only difference is the patient needs both hands to operate.

Invacare Adult Paddle Walker

The Invacare Adult Paddle Walker is a lightweight quad cane that offers a wide, deep frame that allows users easy maneuverability. Though it is made with the lightweight material, the paddle walker is stable. The ergonomic PVC handgrips offer durable grip and comfort. This walker features anti-rattle silencers which makes it noiseless when used.


For patients with more independence and requires minimal assistance, only a basic cane is needed.

Cardinal Health Offset Handle Push Button Adjustable Height Cane

Cardinal Health is one of the world's leading medical supply brands. The company offers one of the best healthcare solutions for patients to help them manage their conditions while maintaining a mobile lifestyle. Take their Offset Adjustable Cane for example. This quality cane is made with lightweight and sturdy construction. The cane's height can be adjusted to the user's preference and the rubber tip is slip-proof. This gives the patient confidence in walking and moving around.


If the victim recently experienced a stroke incident, the patient would need a wheelchair at first due to limited mobility. A wheelchair is specifically made to transport patients from one location to another. Wheelchairs can be either be self-operated (electronic) or managed by a caregiver.

Cardinal Health Aluminum Transport Chair with Swing Away Foot Rest

As mentioned, Cardinal Health remains as one of the world's leading healthcare brands. Mainly because the brand offers a top-notch, quality range of durable medical supplies. The Cardinal Health Lightweight Aluminum Wheelchair is one of them. The transport chair features swing-away footrests which can be used in case the patient needs more foot support. The wheelchair has dual push-to-lock brakes that help keep the chair in place if the patient prefers to stay in a stationary location. The chair has a handy seatbelt for added security. The backrest and armrests are padded for extra comfort.

This is just an introduction of useful products from to help a recovering loved one. It's better to find out your options so they don't miss the opportunity to live a happy life despite the experience of a stroke.

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