10 Perfect Exercises for Men in their 50s

Guest blog post by Peter Minkoff, a fitness and health writer at The Beard Mag and Gentleman Zone magazine. 

Just because you have turned 50 doesn’t mean you get a free pass As we get older exercising and a healthy lifestyle become even more important. Of course, no one expect us to do the same exercise we’ve done in our twenties, but there still some great options that are bound to keep your body in great shape even after you have passed the half of century mark. So let's find out what are the best options for gray foxes who want to age well.

To start off - get a personal trainer

If you have avoided fitness trainings all your life, starting from zero in your 50s is not smart without a proper guidance. So getting a personal trainer to guide you through the process is a great option. They will assess your body and provide you with the best possible fitness regimen that will suit your health and fitness level. The key is finding a trainer who has experience with working with men of a certain age. You don’t want a young hothead that will inspire competitiveness in you because that can do more harm than good to your body and health.

Go for a swim or two


Swimming is an excellent option for staying fit and helping your body age gracefully. It works every muscle in your body, and it also doesn't put too much strain on your joints and bones, which is important as you are getting to that age where it can be dangerous to overdo it. Going for a swim two or three times a week is definitely a good option.

Give pilates a chance

Yes, you read it correctly. It is not just for women. Pilates provides balanced exercises that can help both stretch and tone your body. And as we get older we need to do a lot of stretching so as to improve the overall mobility of our muscles and joints. And the best thing about pilates is that it does all of that without overworking your heart, so it is a safe option for the young men in their 50s.

Go dancing


Bet you didn't expect to read this one here. Well, dancing is a great option for you to stay active without putting your body in harm's way. You can find some great adult dance classes where you can start from zero and learn all the right moves. And it is also a great way of socialising and meeting new people. Going dancing a couple of days a week can really increase your energy levels and brighten up your mood.

Don’t exclude the possibility of power walking

A lot of people associate this type of exercise routine with housewives in American suburbs. However, it is a great way to get your body in shape without over exerting yourself. A half an hour power walk each day can do wonders for your health and stamina. So why not give it a shot, you will be surprised with the results.

Try Yoga


This is a great option regardless of your age. It helps put both your body and mind in balance and can significantly increase our mobility, especially as we get older. Attending one or two yoga classes every week can help with the body aging signs that creep up after we turn 50.

Opt for hiking

This is an excellent option for those of you who prefer the great outdoors. It gets us out in the sun, gets the clean air into our lungs and helps our body stay fit. The only thing you need to make sure is that you get the right hiking boots so that your joints and feet can withstand the long walks on, at times, rough terrain. You can find some great hiking trails in the vicinity of the place where you live, and go and explore a different one every weekend.

Get to the gym


This is always a good option as long as you choose exercises that are in accordance to your age and health levels. Do not overexert yourself. As we age it is essential for us to strengthen our back, leg and upper arm muscles, as they are the first to go. So include several exercises that can help you do just that.

Include some light jogging

Running is a great exercise, but when we get to a certain age it can put a lot of stress on our heart. So jogging is a good solution. A light tempo and moderate distances can keep you in good shape without putting too much strain on your body and your heart. Just make sure you drink plenty of fluids as it can be quite exhausting.

Try cycling


Cycling s a great workout, but it can be quite strenuous and exhausting. A great option for men over 50 would be getting an electric bike, so that you have periods of rest and periods of exercise and are not in adng of overworking your body.

There you have it, ten best options to get or stay in shape. Age cannot be an excuse anymore!