Young Parkinson's Ireland highlighted by new Irish film produced by The New Music

Young Parkinson's Ireland, which is part of Parkinson's Association of Ireland is a relatively new organisation set up in 2017 with the goal of being a source of friendship, partnership and information for young people with Parkinson's Disease.

Young Parkinson's Disease is a rare condition which effects those under fifty five years of age. It is thought that there may be as many as five hundred undiagnosed sufferers in Ireland .

Young Parkinson's Ireland have teamed up with The New Music, a new Irish film about a classical pianist with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease. The film aims to dispel any stigma that may be associated with the disease as the general perception can sometimes be that Parkinson's is just an “old person's” disease.

“The New Music” follows the struggles of Adrian, a gifted classical musician , who discovers he has Young Onset Parkinson's Disease. Despite this debilitating condition, Adrian (played by Dublin actor Cilléin Mc Evoy) joins a punk band as a keyboard player and rediscovers his life through music and friendship. Italian writer/director Chiara Viale was inspired to write the story after her Father passed away having suffering from Multiple System Atrophy, a rare degenerative neurological disorder with symptoms similar to Parkinson's.

Young Parkinson's Ireland has been heavily involved with the film, having consulted on the script and they will also have the opportunity to approve the final cut of the film. The film also has support from a number of groups involved with Young Parkinson's Disease from around the world. David Sangster, World Parkinson's Congress Ambassador and UK musician who was diagnosed seven years ago with the disease at the very young age of 29 , has composed some
classical pieces for the film.

The film is in the final stages of post production but as it is a zero budget film with cast and crew all volunteers, a crowd-funding campaign has been launched to raise money to get the film to its release. They are currently half way to their target and need approximately €2000 to get the film ready for a festival release in 2019.

20% of all donations to the film will go directly to Young Parkinson's Ireland and once the film is made all profits will also go to the cause.

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