5 Ways to Maintain Wellness in Autumn

Guest blog post by Luke Douglas from www.ripped.me

When autumn arrives, days get shorter, temperatures lower and there’s more rain and less sun, which can influence our mood and make us less inclined to work out or be active in any other way. However, the fact that the weather is changing doesn’t mean that we should just forget about our wellness and become too passive or careless when our health is concerned. Here are five ways to stay healthy and fit during autumn.

Eat seasonal food

Just like the deep greens and shades of yellow and orange are painting nature in warm tones, they’re also dictating the color palette of your local farmers’ market. So, instead of reaching for junk food and candy, you should indulge yourself in seasonal fruit, such as pears, apples, tangerines, grapefruit or kiwi, as well as vegetables like sweet potatoes, pumpkins, cauliflower, squash and leafy greens. Add some spices and herbs, like turmeric, garlic or ginger to the mix, and you’ll have a wide range of healthy and delicious meal combinations all autumn long.

Get enough rest

When the nights become longer as summer slips away from us, it’s only normal to take our tempo down a notch and get a bit more rest than we did during the last few months. This doesn’t just refer to sleeping, although sleeping restfully and uninterruptedly for about eight hours a night can only do you well. Spending some time relaxing and not doing much of anything can also help you gather some of the energy you’ve lost during your summer vacation and all the hot nights you spent out and about. Of course, you shouldn’t stay indoors and alone all of the time. Going out and meeting your friends is just fine, but instead of going to an all-night party, maybe you can have a cup of afternoon coffee or tea, go to the cinema or the theatre, or go shopping for autumn clothes together. The important thing is not to push your body and mind too hard and allow yourself to ease down.

Give your immune system a boost

With most people coming back from their vacations and getting back together in the closed office spaces, you should definitely work on your immune system, in order to protect yourself from the viruses and various illnesses you can catch. Drinking plenty of liquids, including tea with some lemon and honey, as well as maintaining a healthy diet with a lot of fresh food, may do the trick. However, you may consider getting some vitamin supplements as well. This especially applies to vitamin D, since you get it from spending time in the sun, which is a bit harder during autumn and winter months. So, order your vitamin D or any other supplement from a reliable discount chemist online and have them delivered to your front door to maintain your wellness throughout all the seasons.

Keep on moving

Being physically active during summer is easy since most people spend more time outside than they normally do, and summer sports are a great and fun way to spend your time. Even though the weather isn’t as nice as it was until recently, there’s no reason for you to become lazy and stop exercising altogether. Find an activity that suits you, such as yoga, dancing classes, or simply hit the gym to stay in shape. After all, the weather doesn’t have to be perfect for you to ride your bike, go roller-skating or taking daily walks to the park.

Find time to reflect

If it’s raining outside, or it’s too cold and cloudy for you to spend time outdoors, take a few moments to sit down and just be alone with your thoughts. Connect to your inner self and think about the people and things that give your life true meaning. Try considering how to find more time and understanding for others, but also ways to make yourself a better person and find peace of mind. Read books you like, spend time with people you love, or take a relaxing hot herbal bath. Your goal should be to reach within and find your purpose so that you can learn what kind of a person you want to be and what you want to do with the rest of your life.

Taking care of your body through a healthy diet and moderate exercising, as well as your mind through meditation and relaxation, will keep you feeling well this autumn season. The time for giving yourself love and care you deserve is here, so make the best of it.

Guest blog post by Luke Douglas from www.ripped.me