Smarter Packing Tips for Your Next Holiday

When going on holidays, the temptation might be to pack for all eventualities and bring everything you think you may need. You could then be left with a heavy, bulky bag with numerous items that you won’t use and no room left over for souvenirs. Also, even when you touch down at the destination airport, you’ll still need to haul your luggage around some bit, especially if your initial transport plans go awry.

You can still take everything you’ll realistically need and have leftover room for additional items when coming home. With every trip you take, you’ll pick up clever packing tips that make it a lot easier on you next time and leave you wondering why you never thought of it before.

This infographic from The Europe Hotel & Resort gives some excellent pointers on how you can pack smartly and still have all bases covered. Besides, if you do end up needing an item unexpectedly, there’s a strong chance that a shop nearby will have it.

info for hotel.jpg