What Are Adaptogens?

If you need help coping with things like stress, and normalizing your body processes, adaptogens may be just the supplement you need. Adaptogens, also called adaptogenic substances, are a type of herbal medicine, used to stabilize your body, and promote homeostasis.

This unique category of supplements can have several beneficial effects – from reducing stress to promoting healthier sleep, and much more. Read on, and learn more about what adaptogens do, how they work, and some of the most common adaptogen supplements.

What Do Adaptogens Do?

Adaptogens work by engaging with your HPA – Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal – axis. When you’re stressed, this system releases stress hormones which can be damaging to your body. And when the HPA axis is constantly engaged, you may suffer from symptoms like depression, loss of libido, immune system issues and more – because your adrenal glands are constantly activated, causing them to “burn out.”

Using adaptogens, you can regulate the HPA axis more effectively, and eliminate most of these symptoms and side effects, promoting homeostasis – the healthy, normal, natural functioning of your body. You can deal with issues like insomnia, mood swings, anxiety, improper blood sugar and more, and encourage a healthier response to stress.

Do Adaptogens Really Work?

Yes! Several adaptogens, like rosa chinensis, have been studied in clinical trials. It’s been found that rosa chinensis has a strong antidepressant effect, increases mood and appetite, helps treat psychosis, and helps eliminate the side effects of antidepressant drugs.

Rhodiola has also been studied, and has been shown to help with stress reactions, and aid in recovering mental and physical capacity after long periods of hard work and stress.

Adaptogens really do work, and there are many clinical trials that back up their effectiveness. Each person may respond to adaptogens differently, however, so you may need to experiment a bit to find the product that’s best for you.

What Are the Most Common Types Of Adaptogens?

Wondering what types of adaptogens you should try? Here are a few of the most common types of adaptogens sold as supplements on the market today.

  • Ashwagandha – This strong-tasting root has been shown to have a multitude of healthy effects, including reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing immune cells, reducing inflammation, and lowering blood pressure. It’s usually taken in pill form.

  • Ginseng – Ginseng is often brewed into tea, but can also be taken in pill form, and it helps regulate stress hormones, mitigate the effects of arthritis, and may even help reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases.

  • Maca – Maca root is a “superfood,” a root vegetable high in protein and fiber, as well as adaptogenic compounds. Not only is it healthy and delicious, it helps regulate proper hormone release in your body.

  • Rhodiola rosea – Rhodiola rosea helps increase energy and concentration by managing cortisol levels, and helps protect the heart.

  • Rosa Chinensis – Also known as “Chinese Rose,” this adaptogen can help mitigate depression, regulate energy, and eliminate fatigue.

Find The Adaptogen That’s Right For You!

Ready to get started? Try one of the adaptogens we’ve recommended above, and see how much of a difference they can make in your life. You’ll feel more energetic, happy, and healthy – all with a completely natural supplement.