Bully No More .. Unwrapping the Gift of You

Judith Carmody’s books Co Bully No More and Unwrap the Gift of YOU examine the complexities of bullying behaviour and its devastating effect on the individual.  It offers insights into how to Reclaim, Recover and Reinstate – Self – following experiences of abusive behaviour. It delivers the message that a person must begin a loving self-relationship.

This book is for you, if you question the following:

  • Why does a bully target me and not someone else?

  • How can I self-care in challenging relationships?

  • How can I recognise manipulation rather than getting entangled in it?

  • How can I confront or exit aggressive and demeaning relationships?

  • How can I detox from toxic relationships?

  • Why do I tolerate bullying behaviour?

Judith is an International Consultant with exceptional knowledge on the dynamics and contexts of bullying behaviour. She is an Educator, Author and Speaker.  Her books Co-Bully No More and Unwrap the Gift of YOU are based on her experiences and research in this area. She is actively engaged in bullying prevention and intervention and is an advocate in this field. In 2018 she gave a powerful presentation, THE POWER OF YOU, to a standing ovation at Professional Woman’s Network Conference, Louisville, KY. She gave an equally impactful presentation at Kerry’s first Health & Well Being Week.  

Judith is an appointed member of the PWN International Advisory Board.  She is a Member of the International Speaker Bureau, Profession Woman Network, Louisville, KY. She co-authored FINDING YOUR VOICE: The Assertive & Empowered Woman 2017 and co-authored THE TOTAL WOMAN in 2018. All books published with Professional Woman Publishing, LLC.

Born in Co Kerry, Judith was educated in the local Listowel Presentation Convent. In 1980 she began her career in the GPO, Dublin, along with friends, she enjoyed the challenges and rewards of being a “Civil Servant”.  In 1988 she emigrated to Boston but also spent time in New York and Connecticut, USA before returning to London in 1990. She worked in various companies until she found her dream job in Crossrail Ltd, London in 1992. She fondly remembers Crossrail Ltd as having a Culture of Safety & Wellness and was a place of inspiration and inclusion. Judith has over thirty years' experience working in diverse and in multi-cultural environments.  This gives her a great insight into assertive and non-assertive, healthy and unhealthy environments.  Having experienced both safe and unsafe workplaces, she began to question “what constitutes a Culture of Safety & Wellness and what factors contribute to a Culture of Fear and Coercion, hence came her book Co-Bully No More and her additional books on this subject.

She introduces awareness and skills to survive and thrive in both environments.  Creating the awareness that there is support and information available to develop skills to self-manage in challenging relationships.  In her book Co-Bully No More she introduces the term co-bully, so people can identify their passive role in relationships.  She explains co-dependency and how to begin to develop skills to change this pattern.  Self-awareness comes before personal change. This awareness opens a clear understanding and a separate path to embrace self-empowerment.   

One of Judith’s greatest rewards is supporting those who have experienced or are experiencing bullying behaviour. She encourages the “co-bully(s)” or “target(s)” to take that first step and start their journey of self-love and self-protection.  Judith explains, “My mission is to reach those who are entangled in aggressive, manipulative and demeaning environments, give them the POWER OF CHOICE and the knowledge that they don’t have to tolerate anybody else’s dysfunctional behaviour”.  Judith’s education programme, encourages the “target(s)” to develop skills of self-care, skills to confront or the skills to exit demeaning environments.

Consciousness of one’s role in a relationship is the stepping stone to healthier relationships.  Intelligence is not merely academic intelligence, but includes a consciousness of a “whole human intelligence”. Intelligence encompasses emotional, relationship, social, moral, physical and spiritual dimensions. Through her work, Judith delivers the message that every company must embrace “A mission statement whose philosophies include, employee health and well-being and the importance of a SAFE WORKPLACE ENVIRONMENT”.  Core Values include a code of conduct which exhibits high human consciousness of personal care standards.

Judith is a CPA, (Certified Public Accountant), with a Master's Degree in Finance. She completed Train the Trainer - Bullying Prevention and Intervention in Dublin City University. Judith’s books are in the University of Maynooth, Trinity College Dublin and University of Oxford, England. In June 2019 she will present on The Bystander(s) at the World Anti- Bullying Forum.  Her book Co-Bully No More is on the literature list of the International Association Workplace Bullying and Harassment. (IAWBH).

“Typically, those who bully are aggressive or violent are demonised whereas individuals who are passive, appeasing and pleasing are sanctified. It is a rare author that writes on the violence of silence and how those who are passive need as much help, understanding and support as those who bully. The book takes on that challenge, and whilst the author is quite prescriptive, she does display compassion for the co-bully in that she links passivity to unresolved traumas from childhood – which is also true for those who bully! The author recognises too that unless individuals are at peace physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually, they will present with a collection of dis-eases”.

Dr Tony Humphreys -Psychologist, International Author, Lecturer, Speaker


Dr Tony Humphreys Lecturer UCC, IRELAND refers Co-Bully NO MORE as reading material for his course Relationship Mentoring (NFQ 8) in UCC. Co-Bully NO MORE is now available in the UCC Boole Library.

Dr Tony Humphreys -Psychologist, Author, Lecturer, International Speaker
Course Title : Relationship Mentoring
Qualifications HDip, NFQ Level 8, NFQ AWARD TITLE Major

“Unwrap the Gift of YOU is a masterful book. This compelling read offers a unique insight into bullying behaviour. It asks the reader to self-examine their role in a relationship. It encourages personal development including emotional, relationship, spiritual, and social intelligence. Every reader will benefit from this easy to read revelation. An educational resource suitable for every school-based curriculum”.

NICOLE MARTIN CEO HRBoost LLC | Int'l Award-Winning Author & Speaker