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Launch of Freshly Chopped Ireland at Eyre Square Shopping Centre

The launch of Freshly Chopped Ireland at Galway Shopping Centre was a dazzling display of all things health and wellness.  In an age where people are demanding more nutritious fast food Chopped Ireland have certainly come up trumps to provide customers with just that - healthy fast food on the go.

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A Healthy Gut is The Hidden Key to Weight Loss

Our gut is home to 100 trillion microorganisms. The staggering number alone can cause anyone to panic, but only some will be surprised by the fact that this is completely normal. Yes, there are more bacteria in your digestive system than there are cells in your body, and keeping this number even is crucial to our health and improved lifestyle. In fact, a healthy gut is the hidden key to weight loss, and here’s why.

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Is Dairy Bad for our Health? The Great Milk Debate

Are you a dairy free, skinny latte or a downright full fat kinda person?

The whole diary versus no dairy topic is of huge interest to many many people and, like most food related issues, there is a lot of conflicting information out there.

I have my own stories around “milk” and how it has impacted my own and my children’s health.  So, I decided to chat with some nutritional experts as well as people like myself, who have “personal milk stories” to check out a few facts.   

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Sampling the Culinary Delights at Galway Food Festival

With Galway being officially awarded a European Region of Gastronomy 2018, the first region in Ireland to receive this designation, what better way to sample some of the culinary delights of our region than by attending the Galway Food Festival.

The Galway Food Festival boosts food demonstrations, culinary walking tours, foraging walks, kids pizza materclasses and so much more!!    Of course there are also many, many food stalls with a diverse range of products from seaweed to biscuits; chocolate to cheese; kale to honey and cheeses of all shapes and sizes!!  Hard for anyone not to find something to tickle the taste buds at this delightful festival.  

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Organic Foods Are Tastier and Healthier

In this day and age, when we are surrounded by pollution, the one thing we can control and take care of is what kind of food we eat. Therefore, a lot of people are choosing to eat a bit more expensive organic food rather than conventionally-grown food which is full of various toxic chemicals.

What does ‘organic’ mean?

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How to Address The World's Food Wasting Problem

One of the biggest forms of waste in today’s world is the increasing amount of food that’s never eaten. As the world population continues to grow, so does the need for producing enough food to feed everyone.

But approximately 30 percent of the food that’s produced ultimately goes to waste. This results from a number of factors including issues related to the food supply chain.

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"Eat clean. Feel great". Bliss Bites Bakery

"Our mission is to reinvent the way you eat desserts, and turn it from a guilty pleasure into a healthy treat". 

I had the pleasure of trying some of these delicious treats at the Vegan Xmas Food Stall in Galway recently.    I love my guilty pleasure after my dinner each day and, I don't want to eat a substitute that doesn't give me the same satisfaction!   I am always on a mission to eat cleaner while at the same time eating tasty food!  

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