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Maintaining Sanity/Emotional Balance in the Workplace

When it comes to maintaining emotional balance in our work place we are dealing with two different levels; external factors and internal factors.

Some aspects of our actual work environment may be stressful for us, maybe there is not enough light in the room we work in, possibly there is no air and we find it stuffy or maybe the air conditioning unit is straight over our head. 

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"We have to do this thing called living"

We have to do this thing called living* - why a f€&@ off attitude is essential to achieving your goals

Did you know that October 1 st is UN international day of older persons ? Quite a mouthful don't you think?  And at what age are you considered an older person? My 17 year old might think that at 54 I'm ancient while my parents who are in their 80's think I'm still only a young one.

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My Journey of Self Discovery with Natural Solutions

Growing up with a big sister who was a Reiki Master and an Aromatherapy Massage Therapist was fun! I always loved when Jackie would put her “magic” hands on me if I had an ache and pain and remember feeling so good after! My favourite part of the massage was the oils as I used to hate anyone going near my neck and my feet!

Our environment growing up has a huge effect on us there is no doubt about that. Sometimes we can perceive our environment as negative and sometimes as positive. I knew from a young age that whatever my sister was doing worked and I liked it!!

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