My WHY I help couples with Fertility the Natural Way

Guest blog post by Denise Christie from Health and Harmony

About the Author

My name is Denise Christie and I am on a mission to help couples who have struggled repeatedly to get pregnant find a faster path to the children they yearn for. 

A struggle to get pregnant or even stay pregnant is isolating, raw and excruciatingly painful. Each failed attempt or every miscarriage feels like a huge punch to your gut. 

My Story

I struggled repeatedly to build my family after the birth of my daughter 21 years ago. 

I had no tools at my disposal to manage my emotions, heal my body or even settle my mind after the loss of my "angel babies". Even that expression didn't exist or if it did I was not aware of it .. it may have actually given me some comfort at the time to think of my lost babies as angels in heaven and could have diverted some of the grief. 

Instead the word I continually heard was miscarriage and on one truly awful occasion the words "spontaneous abortion"! Oh I kid you not!! 

An eventual and painful acceptance that I was "blessed with one" was my only saving grace - but it still leaves an aching void all these years later. 

My own struggle has been hugely influential in my decision to help other couples succeed where I could not. It allows me the highest level of empathy and understanding with every couple I work with. 
My specialist training with the best in the field of #fertility has given me the tools to help other couples conceive. Tools I had no idea even existed years ago and which could have written an entirely different "story" for me!

My struggle is the core (the heart!) of my business! IT'S MY WHY!! It's the reason I am ON A MISSION to help as many couples as I possibly can find the natural path – the path that does not include painful and intrusive medical procedures.

To date 40 BABIES have been born to couples who have allowed me to show them how working with nature and not against it can get them pregnant!  Couples that have understood that by making consistent and persistent changes they can turn around the block that has been preventing them from getting pregnant.

Human bodies are hard-wired to make a baby!  However - less than healthy lifestyles, poor nutrition, chemical exposure can all influence the body's ability to get pregnant. Taking back control of your health can empower you to reclaim your natural fertility.

If this is you, if this is someone you know then you need to know that there is definitely a way to reclaim your fertility that is faster, healthier and more loving.  It is most definitely not a quick fix! It requires specific and committed action. But it is pain free and it is most definitely not intrusive!

Get in touch if you would like me to help you re-write your "story"!