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Understanding the 12-Step Method to Recovery

The 12-step program began as part of the Alcoholics Anonymous back in 1939. Today, it’s a common practice at drug rehab centers in Colorado . The program revolves around 12 steps that are meant to help people work through their addiction at a pace that works for them. The concepts help people to come to terms with their addiction and the people that they affected during their habit.

Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, both of Akron, Ohio, are the two men who created the program. It wasn’t until 1953 that other groups besides AA could use the theory. In fact, it was in this year that .is incorporated the 12-step method.

The entire process of the 12-step program is geared toward replacing any selfishness with an increasingly growing conscious. At the end of your journey, you have a spiritual awakening.

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