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12 Tools for Recovery from a Violent Relationship

One in Five

According to Women’s Aid statistics, one in five women in Ireland are experiencing or have experienced domestic violence.  

One in five is a frightening statistic, that means that at least one person you know is experiencing domestic violence right now.  In this very moment…..

Why don’t they leave, you say?  True, most will try to fix it for a time.  Many will blame themselves, believing if they only could be nicer, hotter, slimmer, more fun or just different, in other words, anyone other than what they are or have become, their partner will be once again behave like the guy they fell in love with.

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5 Ways to Support Yourself in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Emotional abuse is, in my opinion, an overlooked problem that many people suffer with in silence.   There is of course no blame in this as oftentimes emotional abuse is done in such subtle ways that the victim cannot find the words to describe it.   There are no visible scars to show, just those of a deep emotional kind.  

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