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How to Encourage Your Child to Reach Their Full Potential

There’s no question that all parents want what is best for their children. Since before they are born, we imagine them as star athletes, doctors, scientists and people who will shape tomorrow. But just wishing that for your child isn’t enough, and neither is pushing them towards it. There is a lot that goes into how a child develops over time, and it’s important that you, as a parent, know how to allow them to reach their full potential from day one.

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Tools to Help our Emotional Wellbeing

I have been working as an Energy, EFT & Emotional Intelligence Therapist for many years now.   I see a pattern for people, including myself, how our core emotional wounds get triggered by similar types of situations.  For example, we may have issues with our personal power.  We will find though that, the story doesn't have to be the same story that comes up each time, it is really ANY time our power is challenged or at least we perceive it as being challenged. 

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Emotional Tiredness ... Is there such a thing?

The idea around being emotionally tired came to me while chatting to some friends recently.    I believe it's possible to feel this way and that it is OK to feel this way!

We know from Antonia Damasio that emotions are "action requiring neurological problems" so their job is to let us know something important.

So there are two ways to look at this, in my humble opinion.  

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Becoming Grounded with our Emotions

Enjoy this pod cast on how to become grounded with our emotions.

Our first and second chakras, our own personal energy centres, are very inter-related to each other.   When we can learn to be just be with our stories and related emotions and to not let them consume us, we are better able to step into our personal power in all aspects of our life.  

We are more in control.  When stories come up for us in the future, which they will, we will have more of an ability to take the story for what it is and deal with it in a more emotionally mindful way that will give us a better result.

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5 Ways to Support Yourself in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Emotional abuse is, in my opinion, an overlooked problem that many people suffer with in silence.   There is of course no blame in this as oftentimes emotional abuse is done in such subtle ways that the victim cannot find the words to describe it.   There are no visible scars to show, just those of a deep emotional kind.  

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It's OK Not to Feel OK

We can all have off days where we feel like we wished the ground would just swallow us up. However, we do not want to stay in this energy too long.   Some people find it easier than others to snap out of more darker times in their lives.    Judgements from well meaning people telling us to snap out of it are not helpful and, at times can add another layer of anxiety or shame. 

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