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7 Reasons to Get on a Bike

We usually associate riding a bike with our childhood when we used to enjoy the thrill of a fast ride around our neighbourhood. However, why should this enjoyment stop once we grow up? Instead of completely switching our bikes for cars, we should keep them in use as well. Not only will we decrease the amount of air pollution by riding a bike, but we’ll get many other benefits as well. Let’s take a look at the top 7 reasons why we should get a bike immediately.

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How Jogging Can Improve Body Composition

Being physically active is extremely important if you want to stay healthy and strong. However, choosing those activities that suit you best can be quite difficult and you must make sure you know how they affect your body. In order to help you with this, we will explain how jogging influences your body composition. So, let’s take a look.

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"Eat clean. Feel great". Bliss Bites Bakery

"Our mission is to reinvent the way you eat desserts, and turn it from a guilty pleasure into a healthy treat". 

I had the pleasure of trying some of these delicious treats at the Vegan Xmas Food Stall in Galway recently.    I love my guilty pleasure after my dinner each day and, I don't want to eat a substitute that doesn't give me the same satisfaction!   I am always on a mission to eat cleaner while at the same time eating tasty food!  

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A Journey to Myrrh .. The Archetype of the Divine Mother

Guest blog post by the lovely Jenn from

The Earth is ever generous. Plants grow, flowers continue to blossom from climbing vines and this far into the summer, many people are enjoying the fruits of their gardening labors. One of my core beliefs is that nature never disappoints us and is ever present to support our well-being on all levels of body, mind and spirit. When I walk down to the sea, and watch the waves rolling in without end I think, here is my constant companion. Any blues I’m feeling can be consoled by the rain, changed by a crashing thunderstorm, or lifted off by a clear sky, one of those days when the horizon blends perfectly with the ocean. That blue is only interrupted by flights of sea gulls. Sinking feet into sand, soil, thick carpets of verdant moss or stepping across the smooth stones of a rushing river, we are balanced, restored and find relief from racing and turbulent thoughts. 

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