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HSE - Help Me Please?

I’m not a proper grown-up- I don’t have things like a mortgage, maturity or health insurance.

I will trill out the party-line; “I am blessed to live in a country that has free healthcare.” Sure, aren’t there women in America giving birth on the doorsteps of hospitals for the want of health insurance? Feel free to continue adding to this sentiment for as long as you please.

I may not be a proper grown-up that has health insurance, but I am a proper grown-up that’s worked and paid taxes from the age of sixteen. Apparently, those taxes pay for things like state pensions, government chauffeurs and our public health care system. The Irish Health Service Executive has been met with less than stellar reviews during any time of my living memory, but in recent years it seems to have taken a massive hit. We have all heard about the colossal waiting times in A&E, that’s nothing new, but when patient care is suffering due to lack of attendance from staff, something is sorely wrong. True, staff are overworked and underpaid and are still only human after all, but is that really good enough when those under their care are largely at their mercy and not receiving even adequate treatment?

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