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New survey data has revealed that 54% of people feel worried or anxious on a daily basis

Just over half of the 2000 members of the public, who responded to a survey, admitted to feeling worried or anxious every day.

Dr Felix, a registered online doctor and pharmacy service, conducted a comprehensive survey, which asked how people spend their time each day and the different moods they experience. The company used the results to determine how frequently people feel different emotions and how they spend their time. The survey also asked what activities the respondents would prioritise if they only had one week left to live.

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5 Ways to Maintain Wellness in Autumn

When autumn arrives, days get shorter, temperatures lower and there’s more rain and less sun, which can influence our mood and make us less inclined to work out or be active in any other way. However, the fact that the weather is changing doesn’t mean that we should just forget about our wellness and become too passive or careless when our health is concerned. Here are five ways to stay healthy and fit during autumn.

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