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Millennials vs. Generation Z: How Do They Achieve Success in the Workplace?

The workforce dynamics are changing along with the times. Today’s employees not only have job-specific competencies but they also have a natural ability to familiarize themselves with new technologies around them. They have no problems learning how a particular system works as long as they have the proper training on how to use such specialized tools. For them, technology is something that they need be more productive and efficient at work.

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Workplace Stress: A 21st Century Health Epidemic

This infographic looks at the costs of workplace stress on both employees and employers and analyses the costs of this stress epidemic on employees, employers and the economy at large.

It also offers some practical tips on recognising symptoms and self-treatment. There is also some advice for employers and human resource managers on how to facilitate a more healthy and balanced work environment for their workers.

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Common Workplace Illnesses & How to Minimise Their Risk

The risk of contracting illnesses and injuries in the workplace can be heightened by the nature of work that you’re performing – for example, people involved in manual labour could be prone to back problems and muscular injuries from the physical exertion that the job entails. Therefore, all reasonably foreseeable risks should be minimised by workplace management, while staff must act responsibly and not endanger the health and safety of colleagues at work. So long as the necessary safety precautions are taken, the instances of work-related illnesses and injuries should diminish notably, as will absenteeism.

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