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Exercise 101: The Beginners Guide to Exercise

Yes, everyone knows that exercising is extremely beneficial to your health and overall well-being, but if you need a few more reasons to start working out, you must know that it’ll help you get stronger in the first place. It’ll help you lose weight and gain muscle mass, too, which is why the majority of people decide to start working out. Of course, the struggle to get in shape is real, but once you get there, you’ll see that it was totally worth it. Regular exercise can also reduce your stress levels and relieve anxiety, build your confidence, help you have more energy and be more productive throughout the day, which are the benefits that mustn’t be overlooked. So, if you want to learn more about the two main types of workouts, their advantages, and other important things you should know about, just keep on reading and enjoy!

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5 Reasons Why You Should Draw on Your Yoga Mat

You know when you’re in this wobbly, difficult pose in your yoga class, feeling you’re going to lose balance in a few seconds? But then you focus your vision on one tiny point in front of you to calm your mind and – switch! - you’ve entered a whole new mental state of stillness and mindfulness that channels your focus inwards. It is in this state of mind that it is possible for your body to achieve more than it did when you had all the thoughts roaming in your head. Think about it – all this new-found concentration came from focusing on that little still point in front of you.

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How Yoga Taught Me to Stop Sweating the Small Stuff

Those who have never practiced yoga before have an image of yogis as mellow, extra-flexible hippies. While you don’t need to be flexible to practice yoga, most people benefit from a more “mellow” state of mind after practicing yoga

In my opinion, this is the best benefit of practicing yoga - the positive effect on your mind. Everyone can learn to cultivate a more peaceful mind and stop sweating the small stuff.

What Classifies as Doing Yoga?

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The Most Common Fitness Mistakes

You’re doing everything you can to make your body look heavenly, but it’s just not working. Why is that when you’ve been pushing yourself to the maximum, you were constantly paying attention to what you eat and you’ve researched which exercises you should be doing? It’s probably because you’re doing something wrong. And don’t be embarrassed – there are many people out there who simply don’t know about the fitness mistakes they’ve been making. This is where we step in to open your eyes and help you define those muscles as soon as possible.

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5 Tips to Speed Recovery after Exercise

Do you know that feeling when you do a heck of a good workout and you go back home thinking everything's perfect, but you know that the next day is going to be hell? Yes, it is inevitable, your muscles will ache. And then that day comes where no matter which way you move, you hurt. You feel pain and you are annoyed. Muscle soreness is normal and there is no way to eliminate it completely. And it is good, you've been working on your glutes and now they hurt? Hooray! Good job. When your muscles hurt, you know that you've done a good workout. However, wouldn't you like to speed up the recovery process a bit after the exercise? If so, take a look at these five great tips for speedy muscle recovery!

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How to Motivate Yourself to Work Out Regularly

We all know that staying physically active is important in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. For those who aren’t into any specific sport, this usually means working out every day. As beneficial as exercising is, sometimes, we would rather do anything but that. However, skipping one day will only make skipping another that much easier. So, here are a couple of tips for motivating yourself to work out regularly.

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Surf Your Way Into Shape This Summer

Ladies and gentlemen, do you want to have tons of fun this summer? Do you also want to trim your body while at it? It’s possible! Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz are living proofs that surfing is not only super exciting but it also serves as an efficient cardio workout! But, before you start looking for surfboards and beaches, you need to know a few things. Let’s begin!

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The Importance of Magnesium for Muscle Recovery

Magnesium should be a part of every athlete’s recovery process. It’s an essential mineral that promotes good muscle volume and flexibility, but sadly it seems that it’s the most depleted electrolyte in people who exercise often. It also has some anti-inflammatory properties, so it can help prevent joint aches and even arthritis, and it makes it possible to exercise for longer and avoid muscle soreness. To find out more what magnesium can do for you and how you can make sure you are getting enough of it on a daily basis, read on for some tips and tricks.

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7 Reasons to Get on a Bike

We usually associate riding a bike with our childhood when we used to enjoy the thrill of a fast ride around our neighbourhood. However, why should this enjoyment stop once we grow up? Instead of completely switching our bikes for cars, we should keep them in use as well. Not only will we decrease the amount of air pollution by riding a bike, but we’ll get many other benefits as well. Let’s take a look at the top 7 reasons why we should get a bike immediately.

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5 Health Benefits of Yoga for Women

Author bio: Hii! I’m Nancy Wile, a yoga teacher and the founder of Yoga Education Institute. I do my best to help all my students find a sense of ease and mindfulness in each posture that they can then incorporate into other aspects of their lives.  I want you to come as you are and have some fun, and know that everything you need is right there inside of you. 

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Love Your Heart, Stay Healthy

Often the problem with heart disease is that it’s a silent killer. It accounts for 1 in 3 deaths and the problem with heart attacks and cardiac arrests is that they often happen with very little warning.

This infographic from Study Medicine Europe takes you through the intricate workings of the  heart and explains how we can help to protect it.

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How Jogging Can Improve Body Composition

Being physically active is extremely important if you want to stay healthy and strong. However, choosing those activities that suit you best can be quite difficult and you must make sure you know how they affect your body. In order to help you with this, we will explain how jogging influences your body composition. So, let’s take a look.

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5 Tips for Increasing Your Workout Effectiveness

If the training routine was all we needed for achieving the desired physique, growing stronger, becoming happier in our lives, or boosting our confidence, endurance levels and cardiovascular health. However, in addition to your trusty program, there are a few other relevant factors that influence your fitness success, and they all work together in unison to help you achieve your goals.

To make the most of all those hours spent in the Pilates class or the dojo, incorporate the following tips into your already active lifestyle and watch those workouts bloom!

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Chanmaya to release exclusive design yoga towel in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and an opportunity to raise both awareness and financial support to fight this disease that impacts so many of us. Breast cancer doesn’t just affect women, it affects everyone in their life. It doesn’t have racial or socio-economical boundaries so it is important that as many people as possible are made aware of how to fight it, through education and early detection.

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6 Best Ways to Avoid Injury During Exercise

Whether you love your morning jogs or you’re crazy about them weights, every exercise scheme requires a delicate approach in order to avoid those pesky injuries. For the former, it might be a bad case of patellar tendonitis, or for the latter, an impinged shoulder, but they both have at least one thing in common – they could have been prevented!

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Skateboarding - Great HIIT Workout

Looking for some new ways to work out and stay in shape without going to the gym? Then you’re at the right place.

There are certainly numerous ways for getting shredded, but HIIT workouts do the job perfectly. Most people don’t even know what HIIT is, so let’s answer that question first.

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, and it has

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Top 3 Fitness Trackers

Popularity for fitness trackers has grown over the years and it seems just about everyone is sporting one on their wrist, constantly counting their steps and calories burned. With the hundreds of gadgets on the market, today promising the do the best job at monitoring your activity levels, trying to find the tracker for your needs can take a lot of research.

The team at closely studied 87 different trackers to determine the best devices for your money.

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YOGA FOR LOVE Guest blog post by Amara Yoga & Wellbeing

In general, to  attract love into our life we focus on heart opening sequences when practising Yoga. This is the case whether we are yearning increaed self-love or love from another person in our life.

Please see also additional ideas such as positive affirmations, essential oils, Meditation & Relaxation techniques to inspire Love into your, Let's get started.

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