IrishHealthHour chats with Martha Fraser

Today I am talking to Martha Fraser about having the courage to shine.   

Martha is an Online Business Coach & Mentor, teaching people how to shine online, to create a business of their highest potential.

She is presently doing a 10 day On Line Challenge to Help you Create Your On Line Business Strategy.

You can join by clicking the link above.

Martha Says "What if the dream you have in your heart for your business is possible? I can't guarantee anything however, what I can do is help you get clarity on your plan, help you create a strategy and make you aware of the person you need to grow into, to bring your Online business dream to life.

I first started my Online Business back in 2010. My dream back then when it was just a hobby was to have an online business that would allow me to have a family & spend time with my kids, and help people all over the world.

My vision changed over the years slightly but now 7 years later here I am working online, I have 2 gorgeous girls age 6 and 4, that I bring to and collect from school. I can now have a life, spend time with them and get to know them.

I can work from anywhere, realistically this is my home office & my local coffee shop, not the Bahamas like you see on most videos people telling you about how amazing it is to work online!

You see that is their dream, my dream was to be a self employed mum whose work was not governed by the hours I worked but by the value and transformation I help create in people's lives.

I also get to choose when I take my holidays and yes I was a bit of a beach laptop lifestyler at Christmas when I went to Australia, it felt good to try out the laptoplifestyle on the go:) The Laptop lifestyle is great but why most people want to expand their business online is simply to give them more time to live, whatever that is to you.

If you are tired of working all week with no time off and you want to explore how could your business expand online or create a second income, come join this free group, watch the videos, join in on the masterclasses and see what is possible for both you and your business, or perhaps a business you haven't even created yet! See you inside the group!