#IrishHealthHourchats with Raymond Poole

In this edition of #irishhealthhourchats I speak with Raymond Poole about his book.

Its an inspiring story for anyone who has gone through, is going through or for someone who wants to understand a journey through cancer.

Raymond’s book Breaking The Prostrate Cancer Walnut takes a serious topic and speaks to it in a powerfully humerous way.

The dialogue in the book is between two voices in Raymond’s head.

It’s a '#menshealth book as much as everything else and really breaks down the barriers on the truth of what men have to cope with going through prostrate cancer. As he says himself “its my story and not everyone’s journey will be the same” but I believe the emotional rollercoaster will be pretty much on a par.

You can download a copy of the book here and make a donation to UNICEF who are a recipent of the proceeds.