#irishhealthhourchats with Emma Murphy

Emma Murphy is a Tedx Public speaker, and Domestic Violence activist.  As well as speaking at events she has her own Mind Over Matter Roadshows which she runs throughout Ireland. 

More about Emma Murphy's Roadshow

"Mind over Matter event is coming to Galway City. Fitter, Happier, Healthier. The Mind over Matter Roadshow is a jam packed event and one you definitely do not want to miss.

With over 50 Million views on my Domestic Violence Video and over 187000 followers on Facebook I'm determined to make a change in Ireland. Helping as many women as I can is my priority, weather that's through fitness, lifestyle, inspiration, encouragment what ever it is I Believe I am a voice for women not just in Ireland but around the world and now I want to meet my followers in person.

If you saw Me on the Late Late show In December you may have heard me speak about the Roadshow.

This event is fun, energetic, and super inspirational. I will be inspiring you by sharing my deepest and darkest moment's I went through in my Domestic Violence experience, sharing personal stories about how I overcame domestic violence and turned my negative situation into a posative, I have turned my whole life around and am now a qualified personal trainer who works with women online all around the world.

There will be a nutritional seminar, I will be sharing all my tips and tricks on how to live a healthier and happier lifestye through good nutrition, mindfulness and self care.

Have you seen my Bespoke HIIT workouts??? If not you are in for a treat, only people who work online with me have experienced my HIIT classes, but on the day I will be doing a full class with you all and I will show you how fitness can have such a posative impact on your lifestyle, just by letting go, having fun and feeling FREE. Get ready to sweat".