#IrishHealthHourchats with Rose Barrett - SEO Laid Bare!

I can’t wait for this one! SEO is such a buzz word .. or not … depending which side of the fence you are on .. those who know what it means and those who run a mile when they hear it!!

So we asked SEO expert Rose Barrett to help us get to grips with the basics!

Rose Barrett is CBW at Folio Digital

A lover of tech, kayaking, and collaboration with a passion for remote work, SEO and spreadsheets.

Passionate about getting websites working for SMBs.  Has been known to laugh at the geekiest jokes.  Former Equine Scientist turned digital wrangler.  Mostly grown up Galway girl.  Will sing if asked nicely.

Here are some of the topics we cover on this SEO #irishhealthhourchats

What is SEO?

  1. How can it benefit my business?

  2. What are some practical tips for improving SEO in my business?

  3. What are businesses missing out on?

  4. What are the successful businesses doing?

  5. How long does SEO take to "work"?

  6. Are there some major "no-nos" in SEO?

  7. Where do you see SEO going?