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At Celtic Soul Essence we provide empowerment and assertive training for both adults and children. 

Dolores Andrew-Gavin is an Assertive and Empowerment Coach offering a wide variety of tools to both adults and children to help them change stories in their life that are not yielding the best results for them.

We all have our stories, it is how we react to them and deal with them that matters.   We can learn to use our emotions as guiding lights to what actions would bring about better results for us.     Emotions are made from energy and those that cause us to have repeated negative experience (or what we preceive as negative experiences) can be transformed.

For example we can look at anger and see when it arises for us.   Possibly it gets triggered when we feel our personal power is being taken from us.    We can look at this and decide to create better boundaries for ourselves so that we take back our own personal power.  

When we change the stories for ourselves and make decisions that are better for our own self we are giving ourselves a wonderful gift.    We are all entitled to be loved, we are all lovable and we all deserve to be the best we can be.

You can contact Dolores at doloresagavin@gmail.com to book a consultation.