30 Minute content creation call

We all have a story to tell, sometimes we just can't get it out there!   There is no shame or blame or guilt in this, just a realisation that it is what it is.  

We can be blocked by all sorts of things in our life; old belief systems running the show or strong emotions like fear, shame or guilt raising their heads and forcing us back into our comfort zone. 

But people love a good story and you, well you have a good story to tell, we all do. 

When it comes to story telling, like everything else in life,  it is always good to remember that there is always someone one or two steps (or more) ahead of you and there is always someone one or two (or more) steps behind you.   This of course may relate only to one particular part of your life story and so, is not an indication of status!!   You may be a fantastic idea generator but somehow can't seem to get the words on paper.   

This approach is simply owning and working with your strengths and allowing someone else help you with, what you perceive to be something you may require help with.   I love to learn and have gotten lots of help with my business over the last few years in areas which are my weaker spots!    

It is being realistic and results in a more profitable business for you when you allow yourself receive help with something you are struggling with or don't actually enjoy doing. 

I love to write and have been blogging for almost 10 years.   I have also published two children's books which deal with emotional issues.    I have studied journalism and have taken many a marketing course and workshop throughout the years. More recently I have studied content marketing and enjoy helping people develop content marketing strategies.    

I love seeing stories come to life and turn into amazing content that is uniquely tailored for your prospective clients and that could help them with a problem they have! 

You can book your 30 FREE brain storming session by contacting me at irishhealthhour@gmail.com 

Alternatively if you would like to work more in depth with me I offer a 3 week Finding Your Authentic Voice programme over at my personal web site.