The Subtle Art of Storytelling Part 1 How to Share Your Business Story So It's Heard

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Part 1 How to Share Your Business Story so It Is Heard

Part 2 Finding Your Point of Power

Part 3 Taking Our Power Back from Our Business Stories

Part 4 Finding Your Why

It is very hard to share your business story when you don’t know what that story is. AND yes, it is a story.

We all have a story around why we do what we do and it doesn’t really matter what your story is, it is YOUR story!

Becoming clear on your own voice, the voice behind the story is a first crucial step.

I have created a mini series to help you! Here is the first video and details of what I talk about in it.


We start the journey by becoming really clear about where we are in relation to our business. This will help you identify what you are doing, where you are in relation to this process of what you are doing and sometimes even what you think you are doing.  It also helps you home in on what your passions are.  By going through this process, you will see the patterns that affect how you do your business and you will realise what is holding you back.    

And you know it may be a thing that you are not actually doing something now in this moment in time that you are passionate about, perhaps you are doing what you need to do right now in order to get yourself one step closer to where you want to be maybe self-employed and doing something that you really love. 

Wherever you find yourself at, remember that is ok, you can pivot and change direction when the time is right for you.

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