How Much is Too Much? Email Marketing

Recently, actually the 29th of September to be exact, I spotted a cardigan in an email I received from a company. I hadn’t ever purchased from them before but I have purchased clothes on line this year.

It really caught my eye It was called “comfy cardigan” and just conjured up a feeling of comfort as the colder mornings have arrived and shorter days are looming. It was a perfect hook to get me interested! I clicked into the website, liked what I saw but I didn’t do anything about it and, I really don’t know why!

The following day I got 2 emails from them, not one but two!!! I didn’t open either of them as I was probably too busy. Every second day from then on I got an email from the company with headlines like “Get 20% Today”, “75% Off”, “Free Shipping”.

I did go on line again during one of these times as that hook of comfort drew me in again. On one of these occasions I put the cardigan in my cart but abandoned the cart before I made the purchase. I thought to myself the shipping will bring it up and make it too expensive so I left. AND this is after they told me about free shipping but remember I hadn’t opened all their emails!!

This morning, the 18th of October I purchased the cardigan, I know I love it and I can’t wait to get it!!! It’s completely my style and it is a bargain with free shipping (really!!).

During this time from the 29th of September until today there was the opportunity for me to hit the unsubscribe button but I hadn’t! That was my choice.

What choice do you make about how often you email your clients? Personally I am not that fond of sending emails for email sake and probably am the polar opposite of my comfy cardigan friends!

However how are people that are interested in what you do going to know anything you are doing if you don’t tell them? People don’t give their email addresses away so easily these days so if someone has subscribed to your email it is because they want to hear from you and, if they change their mind they can unsubscribe.

Always keep track of the customer journey and how far they went or unlike comfy cardigans you might just miss out on a sale!!!

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Empowerment and Assertive Coach, Founder of IrishHealthHour, Author and Mum.