The Subtle Art of Storytelling Part 3 Taking Our Power Back from our Business Stories

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Part 3 Taking Our Power Back from Our Business Stories

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In this episode we lean into any emotions that have been coming up for you and causing you to stay small and under your own inner made glass ceiling.

At times we get can fearful and this fear can pull us back into the darkness and we can get stuck here. We want to lean into this fear and figure out what it is we are fearful about. Perhaps its a fear of being heard or seen. These are very common beliefs that we hold and fear is often the emotion that is tied into these stories.

The only way we can go forward with this is to really look at what is behind this fear and own the story. When we do this we then have a choice, we can stay with this fear or we can make a conscious decision to break free from it and allow it fuel us forward and outside of our glass ceiling into the place where all the magic happens … the present moment!