The Subtle Art of Storytelling Part 4 Finding Your WHY

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Part 4 Finding Your Why

This week we are looking at the exercise of Finding Your Why. This of course is not a new theory and fits in very nicely with where we are in our journey here. This follows on nicely from the first few weeks were we looked at where we are, what obstacles are holding us back, any emotions that need befriending and now looking at the whole question of why we do what it is we do.

Here we go even deeper on our journey and peel back any more layers that are keeping us from where we want to be.

The purpose of this exercise:

To find out:

• What is it that drives you to do what you do?

• What is it that motivates you on days when you feel like you would rather stay in bed?

• To find out where your true passion lies.

This is a great exercise to do if you are feeling stuck, tired, depressed or feel like you have lost your mojo.

Doing this exercise helps you get back into your zone of genius and come from this place. It is what you can remember when you go off track, you can go back and remember your why and reset the compass.

To Prepare

For this exercise I would ask that you let go of any thoughts you have. If any come in just allow them pass. We are letting our blocks down. We are letting the ego voice that says: “BUT I should be doing this, doing that”, “I don’t have time to stop and take a break”.

We are also putting pen to paper which is empowering and helps us go even deeper than allowing thoughts enter our head. It gets the pistons firing in our brain and it gets the creativity flowing.


So, let’s begin by asking yourself.

Why have you decided to do what you are doing?

And I want you to answer the question with

Because I ……

Now I want you to answer this question

Why is this important to you.?

And I want you to answer the question with

Because I think ……

Why do those things matter to you?

And I want you to answer the question with

Because I believe

Why does this matter to you so much and how do you know this?

And I want you to answer the question with

Because I know ……